Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stan Bush

I'm President of Sales Training And Networking. I help people network with other people. I also help them network with non-people stuff like phones, computers and the Internet. But you don't really want to be bored with that 'stuff' right now. You want to cut to the chase

How It's Been Thus Far 

 I've done some neat stuff in my life. I've enjoyed most of it. Some I haven't. I work a lot. I don't count hours very well. I'm more about productivity. I've run my own businesses, other people's businesses and even a segment of the Government's Business.

How I Think 

I know productivity is no longer in vogue. I'm OK with that. It's going to make a strong comeback.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

What Does TRUSTED Mean?

     That’s all anyone wants in a relationship.Whether it be business or personal, you have relationships with the people you come in contact with.  The better the channel of communication, the better the relationship is.

It’s simple really!

     You can research all you want.  You can spend tons of money on surveys, giveaways, and advertising campaigns.  The truth is the best customers are the one you already have.  We help strengthen the relationships you already have through our Concierges Services!