Monday, May 26, 2014

How To Center Blogger Elements

Centering Blogger Elements

Blogger isn't that hard to use. 

But there are times I want to give up on it.  Like when a simple tasks turns into an all day adventure.  Titles don't line up and images are squashed. Page breaks are shoot and miss. And don't get me started on the SEO issues. IMHO it's harder than it has to be. I think this because I've developed in other platforms. WordPress, Drupal, Stripe, and even Joomla are easier to use.  But when it comes to management, Blogger beats them hands down.  And if you want to just login and post, Blogger does that. You just can't do the usual point and click stuff.   So let's simplify a few of them on a sitewide level.

Friday, November 29, 2013

How To Use Google Short Links!

How are Short Links Used?

Let's say that you're at a restaurant and someone asks you how they can find you on Google Plus. And let's say that you're not  +Guy Kawasaki  or +martin shervington . You grab a napkin and begin explaining how to find you.  After several re-looks at your phone, and rechecking the numbers, you finally end the conversation with "What's your email address, I'll send you a link to my profile!"  Face it.  Remembering all the addresses to your own stuff is hard enough, never mind OPU! (Other People's URL's)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How To Customize Blogger's Popular Post Widget

If you're reading this, you're probably not a 'code warrior'.  You're probably like me.  You can't just sit down and pound out page after page of ampersands, brackets and ampersands. You're more of a tweaker.
     That doesn't mean you can't usually get the results you want from a template.  It just means that sometimes you have to search for helpful websites to give you some guidance. Something sort of 'specific' in context, but 'general' in terms of offering the solution. That's what this is.  It's a way to change the way your 'Most Popular Post" module in Google's Blogger application appears on your page.  This is how you can do that.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Google Authorship On Difficult Blogger Templates

The first time I saw somebody' picture show up in Google, I clicked on their link.  Period. I was no longer wondering or looking for whatever was in the search term. I wanted to know about them.  Personally.  So I started reading about what it was.  I found out that if I was using Blogger (which I am) then I 'couldn't get there from here.'  I knew there was no way that could be correct, I mean.. Google owns Blogger. Right? It wound up the third party template that I was using was 'running interference' for what I was trying to accomplish by using poorly coded widgets, whodoos and what nots. I eventually decided to fix the problem with a little wizardry of my own. I have switched templates now, but just in case you're having an issue with yours, here's how I did it. Don't forget to roll over the neat images at the bottom of the post. It's what I live for.

Monday, October 21, 2013

How To Create A Blogger Menu From A Label

If you've used Google Blogger for a while, you've already experienced HMS.  Because I made up the term HMS for this article, it's possible you may not know what it is. HMS is the three letter acronym for what I call 'Hollywood Menu Syndrome". That's when you try to make a menu in Blogger, can't figure it you 'act like' it don't matter to you.
Take my advice and don't give up your day job. You aren't going to win any oscars for this role. The truth is,  menus do matter. And Blogger's ability to create them are not very intuitive. Notice that I didn't say 'awful'.  That's because once you figure some basic stuff out, you can make a pretty attractive site using Blogger. My mission is to help you do that...using Google Apps and tools.

Friday, October 18, 2013

How To Remove The Nav Bar On A Blogger Site

One of the things that I hear is that Google Blogger is too hard to personalize. That's true about some things, not so much about others. One of the things I hear about is the Nav Bar. If you have a blog that's hosted with Google Blogger, there's a good chance that you have one of these. All blogger accounts come standard with them installed. There's really nothing wrong with these, and sometimes I don't mind clicking on the 'next' blog just to experiment. It's always a interesting. But it's a guessing game as to what you'll get A shot in the dark. The video at the end of this article will show you how to get rid of it.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How To Add Extra Widgets To Your Blogger Header

Do you want to be able to add more than two widgets to your blogger header?
One of the things about Blogger's standard templates that I don't like is their boring headers. You really only have two choices. You can add a menu from your pages, and you can add a header image.  But if you want to add a top menu and a secondary menu, you can't do it. Even adding a slider header image isn't possible. Until now.
If you don't mind digging into the code a little, then this will give you the ability to really spice up the header of your Blogger website.  Just remember each template is a little different. I've provided some images in this tutorial that I hope will help you figure out how to add more widgets to your header.

Monday, October 7, 2013

How To Remove The Home Button On A Blogger Site

How do you remove the Button on a Blogger website
Most Blogger templates have a 'Home" button at the bottom of individual post. When clicked, it sends people back to the main page. Most designers include a link to the home page in their menus. For me, it's overkill.  Plus, I don't like the way it looks. I can't think of a site that I haven't removed it from.
There are more than one way to do this, including this one at Silly Grrl. The solution that she suggests can be done by many people, and is a great suggestion. Not everyone is comfortable digging into the html code of a Blogger template. This solution is for those that want an easy way to remove the home button, without altering the code. (But, if you don't mind working with code...I would suggest SillyGrrl's solution.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Look What I Grew!

People love to garden. Going out in the sun and fighting gnats, bees, and bugs is better than it sounds. There's something that getting dirt under your finger nails does like nothing else. It connects you to things that were here before you arrived, and will be here long after you're gone. If you haven't tried it, then give it a whirl.  You're going to be surprised how much you grow to love a few sticks, plants, and bulbs. Which brings us to the picture in this post.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Blogger Header On Home Page Only!

One of the things about Blogger vs some of the other blogging platforms, CMS applications, and wiki's is the way it handles it's navigational structure. Most platforms provide you with some sort of tool allowing you to construct menus of navigation based on more than one criteria. For example, if you don't want something to show up on a certain page in Joomla, you simply deselect it in the list of pages you want it to be displayed on. Blogger isn't like that, at all. In order to make some things work, you're going to have to get your hands dirty. That doesn't mean you're going to have to know how to code, but if you are afraid of brackets, ampersands, and quotation marks, I'd suggest you hire someone to help you. If not, then you might find this article useful.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Removing The Title From Blogger Static Page

I didn't like the "Title" that was there by Default on a Blogger site. I wanted to get rid of it.  I simply didn't like the way it displayed and left a gap at the top of the page.
Below is an image of what it looked like.