Sunday, November 2, 2014

Potato Chip Sandwich

This site is all about cooking like a man. Men cook in crock pots, George Foreman grills, Fry Daddy's,  counter rotisseries, smokers, grills, Coleman grills and firewood if nothing else is available. We can cook. And we don't need much of a recipe to do it. We follow one simple rule.  If it don't taste good...add something.  Could be salt... could be sugar. As far as I know it may need some vinegar.
We can't tell you what that something is until I taste it. We're men dammit. We don't need no stinkin instructions.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Meaning of CTW

STANOLOGY - Change The World!

If you read any of my stuff, then you know that I use the expression "Let's Do This Thing! CTW!" It's sort of like a tag line thing.  It helps keep me motivated and it also says I'm a person that wants to get things done.  It's also the very same expression I used back in the 70's and 80's as the National Manager of a chain of retail stores.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Stuff I've Done

Some Stuff I've Done

In Chronological Order, I offer this as a list of my experience.   I've covered a lot of territory, and have been considered successful at all of them.
  • Stock boy - retail parts store from the time I could reach the shelves until 8th grade. 
  • Newspaper Carrier - 5th grade through High School
  • Retail Shoe Store = Top sales producer - 10th grade through High School
  • Retail Shoe Store Manager -  1974-76
  • Retail Shoe Store Chain General Manager (42 in my division, 128 stores total) 1976 - 1982
  • Was Part of Team that created an ad that won a National Addy
  • Created a follow up system that grew stores from 14 stores to 42
  • Automotive Sales - Top Producer - Average Month 32 cars - Best Month 56 Cars
  • Automotive F&I Manager - became top F&I manager in GMAC territory
  • Automotive Used Car Manager - Never failed to meet quota in dollars or units.
  • Automotive General Manager - Highly recruited when I decided to leave the business. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Installation of Google Interactive Posts and Training

What Google+ Interactive Posts Are All About 

Interactive posts on plus allow you to enhance your existing sharing by embedding a clickable Call to Action in your post. They’re pretty easy to set up. These are the necessary skills and tools to set them up.

None of these skills are too terribly difficult, and your web developer can probably handle it. But if you'd prefer to use a guaranteed 24 hour turnaround to get it installed, we're here.  Just order the service below.  For just $100.00 you can be creating Google Interactive Posts, very quickly.  

We will setup a time for installation. You must be available for installation, as we do this with you online, so that we do not need access to your Google Account.  We will also help you successfully complete two interactive posts during the installation. If this isn't an option, please do not order the service, but contact us here instead to discuss other alternatives.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

What I See When I Look At Stuff

Everybody is born with two eyes, two ears and one mouth.  I'm no mathematician, but according to the "Holiday Inn Express Guidebook to Better Calculus" that means that we should be looking, and listening at least twice as much as we talk.

Yeah. I know.  

If you've ever had an opportunity to engage me in any discussion concerning technology, you probably had a problem squeezing a word in edgewise during the alleged two-way conversation. You're probably wondering "How can he say that?" Is this one of those pot vs kettle  things, or am I simply not listening to myself.  By the end of this post, I hope to know the answer to that myself. After reading this, I'd appreciate you taking a few minutes to give me some feedback.