Sunday, November 2, 2014

Potato Chip Sandwich

This site is all about cooking like a man. Men cook in crock pots, George Foreman grills, Fry Daddy's,  counter rotisseries, smokers, grills, Coleman grills and firewood if nothing else is available. We can cook. And we don't need much of a recipe to do it. We follow one simple rule.  If it don't taste good...add something.  Could be salt... could be sugar. As far as I know it may need some vinegar.
We can't tell you what that something is until I taste it. We're men dammit. We don't need no stinkin instructions.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kittie Walker - Communications and Marketing from Indigo

I met +Kittie Walker through an online writing course we both took with Chris Brogan. Basically she came from nowhere in my world, to everywhere I was.  I just had to open my eyes and look for her. The image in this profile represents her well. She thinks about stuff. A lot. So whenever she says something, shares a post, or writes something, I do my best to read it.  I trust what she has to say, because I trust her motives. They are always great insights about things bigger than the facts.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mark Traphagen - Socially Correct!

You've been on the Internet for a while.  You can search and find stuff.  You know what boo-lee-un does, but you can't spell it. What you can't explain, you can fake.
When the boss asked if you had a "MySpaceBook website portal social network thingie", you smiled and said "Of course!"  When they mentioned Google+ you nodded, "I'm aware."  You showed them how to send a text message and became an instant 'guru'.  But when their 11 year old asked you what "WTF" meant,  and you replied "We're The Future", your fate was sealed.
Congratulations. You've done it. You've been promoted to Social Media Marketing Director. You're going to need to circle +Mark Traphagen

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ronnie Bincer - The Hangout Helper

+Ronnie Bincer appears to be a man on a mission. That mission seems to be to help everyone on the planet learn how to use Google Plus.  Ronnie would love to see all of carbon based Earthlings enjoying the benefits of using Google Hangout to communicate with the people they care about. Whether that's customers, family, or friends makes no difference to Ronnie. And he's having a good time doing it.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mike Arnesen and SwellPath - Google + Interactive Posts

The first day I saw a Google Interactive Post, I really didn't know what it was.  I read the story, toyed around with it for a bit. But I didn't get it the way that I do now. And neither did some of my friends.

So I Created A Post With Their Product

Mind you, it was for example only.  It was into a very private group in Google+.  Only 25 users in fact.  I posted a link to a book that one of it's members had written. Within two days the member had four more sales, and that was from about 12 active members. The conversion rate was high. And that wasn't even my goal. I was just using it for an example of what an Interactive Post looked like.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

David Kutcher & BlogXpertise - Game Changers

I'm not really sure where I first saw +David Kutcher and +Confluent Forms LLC work. I just remember thinking that they were going to make something happen.  Not because the stuff was all that technical. It just had a look of professionalism about it that spoke volumes about their approach.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Integrity Team - Michigan Real Estate

The INtegrity Team is one the the most successful real estate teams in Southeast Michigan, winning both the Top Team at Re/Max in the Hills as well as the coveted Re/Max Hall of Fame award! Our goal is to be THE go-to team in Southeast Michigan. For more than 25 years, over 95% of our business has been by personal referral from our many past clients, attorneys and mortgage lenders whose trust we have earned. We pride ourselves in our tenacity, tough negotiating skills and knowledge in the field ofDistressed Properties. Our commitment to excellence is driven by our dedication to our clients and our love of real estate.
Gwen has been published locally and nationally on the topic of the real estate market, including FoxNews,, The Macomb Daily, The Oakland Press, Craines Business Detroit and others. She has been on many educational panels nationally educating other agents as well. Her love of real estate drives her commitment to making a difference in the real estate market here in the Detroit area.
The INtegrity Team serves the entire southeast Michigan area but primarily, the Oakland and Macomb County Michigan real estate market, including the communities of Rochester, Rochester Hills, Oakland Township, Clarkston, Lake Orion, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Troy, Royal Oak, Beverly Hills, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Shelby, Sterling Heights, Macomb, Washington Township and surrounding areas.
Whether you are considering buying a home, selling a home or both, you won't find better representation. In addition to our successful retail business, we offer Buyer Specialists, first-time buyer consultations, a Distressed Property Division for homeowners upside down and an Investor Specialist Division for our Investor clients looking to capitalize on the best market in decades!
Featured Property for SaleSome of the best properties for sale are displayed right here. As experts in the Oakland and Macomb County real estate market, we can provide you detailed information on these homes, or any others!
Market Trends NewsletterFind out what's going on in today's real estate market. Our Real Estate Blog provides fresh perspective on our market activity. Be sure to check these out!
Email Listing Alerts: Be the first to know what's coming up for sale in the Oakland and Macomb County real estate markets with our New Property Listing Alerts! Just tell us what you're looking for and we'll email a daily update of all homes listed for sale since your last update. You can unsubscribe at any time.
What's Your Home Worth: Did you know that websites such as Zillow have a margin of error as high as 30% in Michigan? Don't guess at something as important as property value. We offer a complimentary analysis of your home's approximate present value on the market, without any pushy sales or obligation.
Let us know if there is something specific you are looking for and we'll find what you need. Enjoy your visit and please contact us if there is anything we can do to make your next home buying or home selling experience the best it can be! Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keyboards And Kindness

My wife doesn’t read much stuff on the Internet. No news sites. No Pinterest stuff. And no blogs. Not even mine. Sure, she stalks the kids on Facebook, tells me I said something bad, and answers email. But other than that she’s mostly focused on Genealogy. Something I’m very interested in not doing. Not even on a bet. I guess it’s a good thing she doesn’t read them though. Since today is going to be a little bit about her.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Mom Brogan Speaks Out

Chris by KK
Mom Brogan Speaks Out:
This post is personal and I thought about it several days before writing it. This may be one you want to skip, or not.
It is about life and the age old advice: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”
We just had a most exhilarating week at Blog World, NMX, and the Computer Electronics Show, CES. Many people wanted to meet us, mostly because we are Chris Brogan’s parents.
We introduce ourselves as Steve and Diane Brogan. We never lead with “we are Chris Brogan’s parents.” Folks we met told us a) what a nice guy Chris is. b) how much Chris has helped them. c) how proud we must be of Chris.

Read The Rest of the Story Here 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Write Like A New York Times Best Seller

So you just joined Chris Brogan's Blog Topics Master Class and you're somewhat apprehensive. More than likely you experienced a few moments of indecision before joining.  Afterwards you probably had some level of buyer’s remorse. At some point you may have even thought you would live to regret this.

It's A Thin Line, Between Like and Like.

But then you are mentioned in the group by Chris. All of a sudden you are the main subject of a group of people that 'like' you.  You began to feel more comfortable, but still have questions.  Questions like: “If they 'like' you, why don't they 'friend' you?” Are you too late to the party?  Has everything already been discussed?  Everyone seems to be rocking along and you didn't even get a chance to see the guy drawing the circles on the board!  Regret is slowly being replaced by resignation.  The resignation that you are going to have to make an effort to figure out what you bought. Spending time in the group might help, so you log in to Facebook and visit the group.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

How Would You Use FourSquare?

     If you own a small business and you're not using FourSquare, you should close up now. Save yourself the pain of losing it all while working 70 hour weeks. All you're doing is fighting something that is going to happen. With you or without you, people are going to play location based games.

That's Not What I'm Saying

     If you think that I'm suggesting that FourSquare can save your business, your missing the point. But, on the other hand....I am. With the right specials and call to actions, your business could be the most popular venue in your city. Everybody who is playing would be scrambling to become your mayor.  And it would cost you a lot less than regular advertising.