Sunday, February 2, 2014

Marc Ensign - Meet 31 People

*31 Weeks | Week 4 | Featuring Marc Ensign*

When  started her #31People project in December, I was hooked on it from day one. I’ll never forget the compelling images of  , and .  I was honored  to be selected on day four, and am grateful for it. By the end of the 31 Days I had been introduced and included into a very talented group of people.  As a group we thought it would be great to carry on this project. We agreed on a plan to introduce one new person a week.  This week it is my honor to do the introduction. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Barbara Nelson - Nelson Coaching

Deciding to work with Barbara Nelson had zero effect on my business.  but...deciding to LISTEN to Barbara Nelson changed my business dramatically.  Listening to +Barbara Nelson has significantly changed my income and my life. She's fantastic. Here is another testimonial about her from a different client.
 “Thank you very much- you are a beacon of clarity and you “call the question” in a no-nonsense, but kind way. My revenues are up 67% over last year and I feel on track and “on purpose”. The work we’ve done together in the group has changed my business and my life- I am truly grateful.” EK, Sausalito, California.
You can find Barbara Nelson's blog here
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