Martin Shervington - Commoogling Expert!

Who Is Martin Shervington

I can't even remember where I first saw some of +martin shervington 's stuff. I think it was a hangout with Ronnie Bincer. They were going over some YouTube techniques. The interview hangout was long, but well worth it. I think I took about three pages of notes.  For me, that's a lot. After watching the hangout, I started reading more about those that were in it.  There's a lot of concentrated knowledge in that group.

What Was Unique About The Hangout?

It wasn't that the hangout was some revelation for me. I've been doing this stuff since the early 90's. I had seen some of it before. But, it was the way it was presented. This wasn't some big long love fest about the people in the hangout. It was all about going over the tips, tools, and TRAPS on creating video.  It was making sure that those that attended it had time to grasp the content.  When you have an hour, watch it here. What you'll see is smart people doing what smart people do. They listen to each other. 

What Happened Next?

I created  a video using the tips from the hangout. You can see it here. I've had that channel for years, with nothing on it. I've helped people create videos, but most of my time has been spent looking at marketing, development, and integration. Having the checklist created from that hangout was simply... great. Yes, my video is amateurish, but that doesn't mean yours will be.  The point is that I did it. At all. Check that off my bucket list! 

Follow Martin - It's that simple.

Just roll over the image above and you'll see the links. Follow him on whatever channel it is that you use. There will be good information on all of them. You won't get lost, pushed to the side, or made to feel like you don't belong.  You do belong. He's Martin Shervington, and that's how he rolls. 

This image is here because it's currently the only way that I have been able to get images to display on Interative Posts, and CTA's when using ThingLink . If you have a better solution... I'm all ears, and thanks in advance!