Mike Arnesen and SwellPath - Google + Interactive Posts

The first day I saw a Google Interactive Post, I really didn't know what it was.  I read the story, toyed around with it for a bit. But I didn't get it the way that I do now. And neither did some of my friends.

So I Created A Post With Their Product

Mind you, it was for example only.  It was into a very private group in Google+.  Only 25 users in fact.  I posted a link to a book that one of it's members had written. Within two days the member had four more sales, and that was from about 12 active members. The conversion rate was high. And that wasn't even my goal. I was just using it for an example of what an Interactive Post looked like.

Mike Arnesen and SwellPath Are On Top Of This

Straight from their site: If you’ve ignored Google+ for this long or consider it anything other than a legitimate inbound marketing channel, your opinion is about to change. The age of Google+ Interactive Posts was quietly ushered in months ago, with little fanfare. In fact, barely anyone seems to have noticed.
So allow me to introduce you to Google+ Interactive Posts!
Interactive Posts, meet Marketers.
Marketers, meet Interactive posts.

So I Decided To Offer The Setup Service

First I called +Mike Arnesen at SwellPath to get permission.  They thought it was a grand idea. I put some thought into the installation, came up with a price ($100.00) and now we're off and running.
If you'd like to read more and install it yourself...go here: SwellPath: 
If you would prefer to order it up and let someone else do the heavy lifting... go here: Installation Services.

I'm here to tell you though... you're going to see a LOT more of SwellPath and this type of technology.  You can count on it!


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