Potato Chip Sandwich

This site is all about cooking like a man. Men cook in crock pots, George Foreman grills, Fry Daddy's,  counter rotisseries, smokers, grills, Coleman grills and firewood if nothing else is available. We can cook. And we don't need much of a recipe to do it. We follow one simple rule.  If it don't taste good...add something.  Could be salt... could be sugar. As far as I know it may need some vinegar.
We can't tell you what that something is until I taste it. We're men dammit. We don't need no stinkin instructions.

Which Isn't Entirely True!

It just means we know what we like when it comes to food.  Don't try to get us hooked on tofu, because that's not going to happen ... ever... unless... (get ready for it).... it taste good.  So deep fried tofu, wrapped in Bacon sounds like a winner right about now.  Pass the mustard please.

Doesn't That Limit Your Options?

That doesn't mean we don't know what hummus, tabouli, or quiche is. This in no way limits anything.  If anything, it enhances it.  Why.. .because... remember the one rule... "It taste good!".  So yeah... I guess if you want to say our epicurian fare is limited to stuff that taste good... you'd be right on the money.

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