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I Wrote A Book

Actually I've written quite a few books. "The 28 Day Challenge", "90 Days From Now", "The Truth About Lying", "The F Words", "The Stan Plan" and my favorite "Running Towards Failure." They were all best sellers, although you've never heard of them. That's because they never got published. It's not that they weren't written. I just let people talk me out of them.  By people I mean other writers. People with books. Guru types. Of course, the content in them was good enough for them to espouse.  Just not good enough for me to publish. 

But I Digress

That's another blog post. One a little further down the road. After I implement things that I've worked on for the last 35 years. Let's start with "The 28 Day Challenge". At least part of it. 

The 28 Day Challenge 

This book is all about implementation. The book has a companion planner, templates and a gamified spreadsheet.  It's about creating a system that works for you. One that will let you get the important stuff done.  It does that by focusing on the 20 % of the things that matter. And the things that matter change. So you don't really throw them away. You keep them on your list until they become more important. Or you throw them away. That can only be determined by you. 

Here's How You Do That

It's really simple. Here are the steps.
  1. Make a list of all your projects. And I mean ALL of them. 
  2. Count the number of things on your list
  3. Multipy .2 by the number of things on the list (.2 x ## = ##)
    1. Example: if you have ten things on your list, the calculation would be
      .2 x 10 = 2 
    2. 25 things would be .2 x 25 = 5,  35 would be .2 x 35 = 7... and so on.
  4. The result of your calculations is the number of projects you should work on.  In other words, if you have 10 total projects, you should cut it back to 2. 
  5. Each day, figure out the 20% of the 20%...and just work on that many projects.

How's It Work

You're reading a blog that was created using that system. I used it to determine what I would work on today. And I do it everyday. I no longer have 87 projects to work on. I narrow it down to 3.48 a day.  Here's the math
  • .2 x 87 = 17.4
  • .2 x 17.4 = 3.48

I Know What You're Thinking

Who in  the world has 87 projects. Well, the chances are...you do! Don't believe it? Take the time to list all of them. I'll be you'll be surprised. Just be sure to list everything. What I mean by that is 'everything you think is important'.And don't 'bulk' things together. For example:
  • Posting on Facebook/Twitter/Google+/LinkedIn/Instagram/Pinterest once a day. These should be listed seperately.
  • Reading New York Times, Boston Globe, and the Washington Post. These are seperate.
  • Be sure to include gym time, meditation, research, music, and any other things that are 'important' to you.  It's the only way to get to the real numbers. 

It's All In The Book

I can't write it all out in on post. Besides, I have 2.48 more projects to get to. However, there is a spreadsheet I use for this. It's part of the companion planner. And all of that is in the book. The one that I will publish soon. Contact me if you'd like to know when it's published. 

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