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28 Day Challenge For Hiway 96 Project

I've been working on something for a couple of years now. It's a planner. Right now you're mumbling something like "Oh great. Just what I was looking for. Another planner." And I agree. They're a dime a dozen. Every coach, speaker, and consultant has one. Or is a certified trainer for one that someone else wrote. This one is just like those, with one major difference.
You are actually the one that writes this planner.

Wait. What?

That's right. You're the one that's going to write this planner. Or more specifically, you are the one that is going to create it. That's how awesome this planner is. It's everything that you've always wanted in a planner. Everything.

So How's This Work?

It's easy. I have a product called "The 28 Day Challenge". In the challenge we use my 28 Day Challenge Journal and Planner.  The challenge is based on a goal that you are wanting to reach. I help you reach that goal. As an added bonus, we create your own personal planner.  Here are the rules of the challenge:
  1. You can only have one goal and we both have to agree on it.
That's it. That's the total agreement. 

I Know What You're Saying!

You're wondering why anyone would pay for something like this. The answer is simple.
Because it works.  And the reason it works is because it's based on The S.T.A.N. Plan.

The S.T.A.N. Plan asks these questions on every project, or task.
S- Simple planner. Simple steps on how to get stuff done..
T - Trackable. Do you have a way to track progress on it?
A = Achievable. Is this something that can be achieved, or is it blue sky?
N = Necessary. Is this necessary?

That's it. That's the total plan.

If You're Interested
Then you can email I'll get back to you and schedule a 10 minute meeting. In that short time, we can determine if we can work together or not. 
Things Don't Have To Be Difficult All The Time

What Does This Have To Do With The Hiway 96 Project

Because my wife and I are using the 28 Day Challenge to create, collaborate, and complete that project in 98 Days. You can go here to follow it! 

ps: I have references from people who have followed this plan. They got the results they were looking for. 100% Satisfaction Rate. 

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