Introducing "The S.T.A.N. Plan"

My Mission Statements

Stan Bush - Mission Statements - By Year

2020 Guiding Statement

I am a bit behind in getting my statement up this year. But that only backs the profundity and neccesity of it's message. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing with committement and passion. If not, just leave it where it is. You won't be satisfied with it's outcome any other way. 

Guiding principles for the 28 Day Challenge

This year I have changed from 'Mission Statement' to Guiding principles. This would also qualify as my '20% Prayer". Creating this prayer is part of my "28 Day Challenge" program. I think it serves me well. 

Mission Statement fos Stan Bush 2016-2017

I spent most of 2015,  2016 and 2017 providing my valuable services to two of the least appreciative men on the planet. I won't make that mistake again.

2015 Mission Statement - Stan Bush

 My Mission for 2015 is to

  • Help as many people as I can, in whatever ways I can.
  • Find others that are like minded.
  • Establish a healthy, sustainable balance to support this mission.

Stan Bush - 2014 Mission Statement

My Mission for 2014 is to

Allow the following three words to guide my thinking
  • Unencumber
  • Follow
  • Lean

Stan Bush - 2013 Mission Statement

My Mission for 2013 is to

Educate, Motivate, and Communicate with my Family, Friends, and Clients on how to use technology to improve their lives.