Introducing "The S.T.A.N. Plan"

How To Never Run Out Of Blog Topics

Write Your Ideas Down
Back In The Day...
there was a blog writing class. The guy that made the money is a guy named Chris Brogan. He was the guy that espoused all his internet wisdom. He was the guy that said 'this is how you write." I ran the community. I kept the students informed. I tagged Chris or emailed Chris on important stuff. He called it "Blog Topics Master Class". Some valuable things were collaborated on. 

So One Of The Things We Practiced...
was how to create titles. Catchy titles. Titles that would spark interest. Or more succinctly, titles that would get clicks. Eventually, they would morph into Click Bait, but we never got into that. We wanted the same thing then that you want now. You want to click on a title and get what you came for. Truth. A real delivery on the promise. 

So Let's Get To It
Not running out of blog topics is really not that difficult. It's keeping them easily accessible that's the trick. And the key to that is writing them down. Whether that's in a digital, audio, or written format doesn't matter. It's just the act of getting your thoughts down that matter. I've personally used Google Keep, OneNote, Remember The Milk, Evernote, Google Docs, Awesome Note, and a slew of others. All of them do the same thing. They don't let you forget the idea for the most eye opening post ever. 

It Can't Be That Easy
Well, it's not. If it were, everyone would be successful with it. There are a few other steps that you must complete. Because remember, your goal is to NEVER RUN OUT OF BLOG TOPICS!  To accomplish this, you're going to need to expand your concept. Fortunately, that's not that difficult either. In fact, you can use my 'Area 51' or "Five Fifteen' concepts to accomplish this. 

What You Need To Do
Set your timer for 5 or 15 minutes. Then just think about your subject matter. Think about the well known 'Five W's'.  For example: Who Uses "the subject"? When do they use 'the subject'? "How,  Why, and Where do they use 'the subject?" Turn those thoughts into titles. Make the title as interesting as you can. But don't try to perfect everyone of them. That will happen later, when you actually write the article. 
Just be sure to type, dictate, or write the titles down. 

Here Is An Example Of Using This Technique
What better way is there to demonstrate this. I will set my timer and simply followed the instructions above. I  won't try to to make them all perfect. I'll just type out what comes to mind. And the subject will be about blogging. Here goes

Possible Titles for a Series of Blogs
  1. All Bloggers Face The Same Challenge
  2. Can Writing Content Be Reduced To A Process
  3. What They Mean By Interesting Content
  4. Finding The People Who Think You're Interesting
  5. The Bigger The Ears, The Harder They Call
  6. Connecting Doesn't Start By Invading
Series Two
  1. Who Is Doing Business On Social Networks
  2. What Are They Selling On Social Networks
  3. When Should You Sell On Social Networks
  4. Where Are My Customers On Social Networks
  5. Why People Buy On Social Networks
  6. How Can You Sell On Social Networks
All of those titles were created in a little over 5 minutes. I may or may not use them. The same will hold true for you. But the truth is, I over delivered on my promise. I now have 12 topics I could write about. 
Here's Another Promise
Do the above instructions once a day for a week. At the end of the week, look at your list. I'd bet you have the perfect solution for any Writer's Block you ever get. 

And send me those list via email . Maybe we can talk about other stuff we can work through together. 

ps.. this title was originally considered on July 20, 2012. 
It's being published 8 years later.. July 6, 2020. 
That's how the system works. What do you think about it?