How To Diagnose and Recover From SoonAs Eye

Soon As I get better, I'm going to stop procrastinating


verb: make up an excuse not to do something; put off something in a way that it will never happen; lies we tell ourselves
          verb: SoonAs Eye3rd person projection: SoonAs Y'all; group tense inclusive: SoonAs We; group tense exclusive: SoonAs DemGuys; past participle: Sooner RLater 
          synonyms: procrastinate,delay, put off, postpone, defer action, use delaying tactics, stall, temporize, drag your feet/heels, play for time, play a mind game
          "SoonAs Eye get some money", "SoonAs Ya'll get ready", "SoonAs We agree on it", "SoonAs DemGuys get their stuff done" ,"Sooner RLater we'll get a round 'tuit."


"SoonAs Eye" is the most common form of self directed mental "block and stall" punishment in the world. Chances are you  know someone who is infected with "SoonAs Eye".  You may even have it yourself.  Almost everyone in the world has suffered from it at some point. It's not a respecter of age, race, gender, religion, or politics. It doesn't cause a rash, fever, or muscle aches. It can strike at any moment and causes no discomfort. In fact, in most cases it can give a sense of relief. If left undetected "SoonAs Eye" can lead to more serious problems such as procrastination of the motivational reflex region and acute extended lazination of the Personal Stimulus Vortex.  

What Are The Symptoms

SoonAs Eye is easily detected. It's symptoms include loss of confidence, increased procrastination, and intense moments of cashless frustration.  It's most common in negative surroundings, often referred to as "Nothing Gets Done Zones".  It's side effects include a false sense of security, plausible deniability, and loss of self esteem. 

Home Testing and Self Diagnostics

The diagnostic tests for SoonAs Eye are quite easy. You don't even have to go to the doctor. Just think of your biggest dream. Next, write down the steps to achieve that dream, including a simple timetable.  If any of the steps begin with the phrase " As soon as",  you're infected. Here are examples of the most common SoonAs Eye infections. 
  • SoonAs Eye get some money, I'm going to join a gym and lose some weight. 
  • SoonAs Ya'll learn some stuff, our team will be a lot better.
  • SoonAs We can get the lawnmower fixed, we can cut the grass.
  • SoonAs DemGuys  get out of the way it'll work. But even if they don't, Sooner RLater we'll get a round 'tuit.
  • SoonAs Eye retire, I'm going to write a New York Times Best Seller

Easy Treatment And Cures 

Fortunately, the cure for SoonAs Eye is free.  And it can be completely cured in three simple steps. No medicine. No special tools, and most of all, no excuses. Here is the Free Miracle Cure for  SoonAs Eye
  1. Make A Plan
  2. Write It Down
  3. Follow The Plan
Obviously this plan should be implemented immediately. If not you may find yourself in later years suffering from the "If I Coulda Woulda Shoulda" Virus as described by this vocalist .  To help initiate and accelerate your treatment, please listen to this instructional video at least twice per day, until you are cured.


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