What Does Sustainable Technology Mean?

I hear it all the time. I meet with potential clients and their super Tech Ninja Guru Buddy Service Provider and the conversations normally go like this.

Potential Client: "All my apps are connected, and I can get to them from anywhere!".
Me: "Great! I'll send you an invoice, you can make a partial payment, and we can get started!"
Potential Client: "I'll have to get back to my office first. I can't do that from here! But I can have Betty send you a check! "

Here We Go Again!

Me: "Why's that?"
Potential Client: "Our accounting isn't online."
Me: "Ok. So how about your logos and documents? I'd like to look at those now!"
Potential Client: "Let me call Betty and ask her to email them to you.
Me: "You can't show me on your cute little fruity pebble IPad thingie?"
Potential Client: "Our document service provider's site is sort of glitchy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't."
Me: "Well, can we at least share the calendar events to help keep us on track?"
Tech Ninja Guru Buddy Service Provider (who has been observing but is now interrupting): "We didn't connect them in that way."
Me: "Well what way did you connect them?
Tech Ninja Guru Buddy Service Provider: "We put them in the cloud."
Me: "Well if they are in the cloud, why can't they get to their stuff?"
Tech Ninja Guru Buddy Service Provider: "We have tight security measures to prevent data and identity theft of their assets. It disallows connections that are potentially dangerous."
Me: "So where can they connect safely?"
Potential Client: "When we're at our office."
Me: "So what good is it?"
Tech Ninja Guru Buddy Service Provider: "It allows us to provide them technical support and measure the effectiveness of their information technology deployments across the enterprise."
Me: "All three of the people in the Enterprise are protected?  Awesome."

That's All A Load Of Bunk

If you can't connect and do business from anywhere on the planet, there are only three reasons.
  1. You are trying to do it yourself and can't figure it out. 
  2. Your provider doesn't know what sustainable technology means.
  3. You simply don't want to. 
Sustainable technology means you can do it from anywhere, using any device or operating system. All you need is a connection. It's just a matter of logistics. Google Apps has plenty of that.  We can help you get there. If you want this resolved, then you should contact me. It's really that simple. 


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