Introducing "The S.T.A.N. Plan"

How Many Shovels Do You Need

I was reading an article this morning titled “Not Scheduling Social Media Posts Doesn’t Make You Authentic, It Makes You”. I read it for two reasons. One, a really smart person name +Kittie Walker  I met in BMTC (affiliate link) had placed it on my radar through her stream. Two, I admit I wanted to know what not scheduling post “made” me. So, I started reading it with a completely closed mind. I thought it was going to be about scheduling Birthday, Anniversary and National Chicken Choker Appreciation Day reminders. It wasn’t. It was well thought out and worth the time.

Here’s Why 

I’m making a very focused attempt to follow the Editorial Calendar as suggested in the BMTC (affiliate link). In creating my Calendar, I matched it to the categories on this site. Today’s post (the one you’re reading) is about ‘A Balanced Life”. When I considered what I would write about today, in my mind I had an image of scales and some boxes labeled work and play. But after I read the article, all I could see was shovels.

What Do Shovels Have To Do With Balance? 

In the article, the author asked you to ponder this quote:
“Digging by hand when shovels are available doesn’t make you authentic, it makes you ignorant. Social Media requires the proper tools.”  
Well, you don’t use a shovel when you’re planting radishes. But then, that’s not really what he said. What he said was “Social Media requires the proper tools.” The proper tool for planting radishes would be a garden trowel, which means you do use a shovel. So if the job is Social Media, I need the proper Social Media tools. Got it. What are those ‘proper tools'? Gee. Lucky for me, he sells one. Who’d have thunk it. I guess I’m going to have to buy his shovel. You know. Same old same old.

All Those Shovels But Still No Garden 

But I already have plenty of shovels aka:Social tools. What I don’t have is a garden. So the question now becomes “How Many Tools Do I Need?” Before you answer that, remember that entire FARMS were maintained by a few simple tools. The used shovels, not combines. They used horses and they didn’t have automatic sprinkler systems. They used shovels to dig trenches from the pond to the plants. It was harder work, but it did work.

It’s Not About The Tools 

And it really never was. It’s about the people. But don’t believe me. Believe this guy, or maybe this one. Yes the tools are important, but only the tools for your profession. If you’re a dentist, you don’t need a tractor. If you’re not a Social Media professional, you don’t need a suite of Social Media applications. And just because you spend a lot of time on Facebook, checking in at FourSquare, and Tweeting Vines of your cat doesn’t mean you’re a Social Media Expert. The people that really understand Social Network Marketing, well... that’s all they do. They don’t manage computer networks, fix printers, or transfer data. They might do some web development, SEO, and graphics. But mostly they just do Social Network Marketing. They don’t have time to do all the other stuff. Not if they want to have a balanced life.

So We're Back To That?

Yep. You can spend all the time you want chasing all the software you want.  But it is going to get you absolutely nowhere. Mostly because of the 'expert' level factor I've already written about. I can tell you without any hesitation that if you don't start doing what it is that you do best, you'll never become what you're supposed to BE!  You! That person you look at in the mirror every day. Don't you want THAT person to have a happy balanced life? I know I do. And that's why I'm headed out to watch the new Bruce Willis Die Hard movie. I want to balance my butt on a seat and not have to worry about tweets, emails, and phone calls for a while.

What About Social Media Software Then

I dunno. Ask this guy or this gal. I think they are pretty good at it.  I know what I use, but I don't want to cloud the water with all that.  If you're not a Social Media Expert, just grab a shovel and dig in.
Get some balance :-)


indigogirl said…
Great post Stan! I'm going to see Dies Hard next week, be interested to see what you think.

I is all about balance and it's all about find what's right for you and your business/workflow. I'm not an expert in social media by any stretch, but I'm good at helping people to figure out the most efficient ways to run and market their businesses and what tools to use to help them on the way... one size does not fit all, as you alluded to in your article.