Introducing "The S.T.A.N. Plan"

SEO - Strategic Engagement Optimization

Strategic Engagement Optimization
To be honest, I laughed when I first thought about it. I was surprised that I hadn't thought about it before. And I was wondering if anyone else had. Was the expression already 'old' in Internet time?

What Was I Thinking?

I was on mile 6 of an 8 mile run. Since I track my time on each lap, I was focused on staying as close to 9 minute 30 second miles as possible. This would give me a reasonable shot at a 4 and a half hour Marathon. I would beat the younger, less talented, much weaker, and extremely homely+Paul Bond by almost a half hour.But, had I over done the workout? Was my brain suffering from lack of oxygen. Why was I smiling while running? That's not like me at all!

Maybe It Was Something Else

I was listening to "The Referral Engine". The narrator said something about SEO, followed by something about Engagement. Then he prattled off something about Strategy. He said to be sure you used engagement in your marketing strategy. And I started laughing.
In the last four months I had consumed "Get It Done Guy's 9 Steps", "Just Listen", "The Untethered Soul", "Game Based Marketing", "The Way We're Working Isn't Working", "Attention: This Book Will Make You Money", "Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain", "The Power of Habit", "Accidental Genius", "Simpleology", "Inbound Marketing", "Book Yourself Solid", "The Spark", and "The Power of Habit". I had listened to "Google+ for Business" and "The Secrets of the Power of Intention" ..two times each. I was reading The Impact Equation. Had all that listening and reading caused some sort of core shift in my head's database? Maybe my brain was just putting random words starting with the correct letters, in a string or something. Or maybe I had heard it before.

So I Got Home And Googled It

Everybody knows that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's one of the most talked about things involving the Internet. It has been for years. It's a phrase that everybody uses. It's a phrase that somebody searches for when they need that type of service.But what about "Strategic Engagement Optimization". Was anybody using that phrase? According to Google there was only one reference to the EXACT term, and that was because of the way they fell together in the 'Tag Cloud' on this guys's website.

So that's what I'm thinking. The acronym for SEO should be changed, to a more meaningful term in today's buzz field.  That meaningful term should reflect what's really going to matter once the crush of the crowd meets and understands the opportunity presented.  It's not about keywords and meta tags. It's about people meeting people.  It's about optimizing those meetings.  In other words having a strategic plan in place on how to optimize that that meeting.  It's about "Strategic Engagement Optimization". SEO.  Since SEO is a well searched term, the chances are good that Strategic Engagement Optimization would do well in the Search engines! A double benefit. But only if the term is used enough in those engagement cycles, and with the right people.  My bet is those people are coming soon.

Why Am I Telling You This?

If you're reading this post, you're probably a part of the BMTC {affiliate link). I know that because I'm not a 'widely read' author. I'm just a guy that's worked in this arena for over 12 years and have seen buzz words come and go, while the people stay in place.  So to my classmates at the BTMC... I'm not worried about the 'greenness' of this post.  I'm not concerned so much about who it appeals to. At the time of it's writing, it has a very specific audience.  You, (the BMTC'ers) are the 'target' for this article. I need your input on a few things. I am asking you, my trusted friends, to help with a few decisions.

Domain Name

You'll notice that this isn't posted to 'Surfin With Stan' or "Five Little Bigs". This is a new site based on the "Community Concierge" concept that you guys helped me 'discover'.  This business model needs a domain name. I've tossed around just using '', which is available. Most of the ones like "' are already taken. CommunitySEO? I'm looking for some ideas, and I know this group has plenty of them!!!  So what do you think? SEO = Strategic Engagement Optimization?  Simple Engagement Optmization? Simple Engagement Opportunities? Simple Engagement Optimization?  What are your thoughts on this?

Today's BTMC Hangouts

The BTMC is a great group. The connections there are 'different' than those in most online communities.  It is an excellent example of what 'Strategic Engagement Optimization" is about. It's what I envisioned when I began working on the group.  Part of the time in today's hangout (December 28, 2012) will be spent in discussing the first step in creating a group around your own community!  By your community, I mean your book, your business, your artwork, or your family. Whatever your community is about!

Future Weekly Hangouts

We will continue to have weekly hangouts in 2013.  Friday's will always be centered around two things. 
    1. What's your Big Idea? Here's a place to toss it up for others to see. 
    2. The BMTC Community - wherever it takes us. 
     I have created a schedule for next year for an SEO weekly hangout centered on just one thing. 
    1. Growing your own community around your own Strategic Engagement Optimization
I hope to see you guys at noon today.  And thank you for everything!


Unknown said…
My vote goes to using and then use "The Community Concierge" as your tag line.