Introducing "The S.T.A.N. Plan"

The Seven First Steps To Build Your Community

     The girl on the left is my daughter.  On the right is my son in law.  The woman in the black dress on the left is his mother.  She's standing next to her life long best friend.  Her friend drove 500 miles to be at the wedding. And this is the only photo taken of them together at the wedding with the newlyweds. That's me in the middle. Boy were they surprised!

They Weren't Happy Campers!

     They were completely unaware that I was behind them. The first time they saw the picture was in the  photographers proofs. Needless to say the gauntlet was taken down. Then it was hurled at my head. 

But Only For A Short While

     Whenever we talk about how much fun the wedding was, this picture always comes up. We talk about all their big smiles. We talk about how they were so focused on the picture.  We talk about the dancing, the vows and other great memories. We talk about how they didn't know I was behind them. And without fail we laugh. We laugh so much our sides hurt. The truth is we all have a copy of the picture.  And when we need to get centered again...we look at it. Why?

Because We Were Part Of "It"

      Nobody goes to a party to be alone.  We go to football games, concerts, debates, and church to be around people. Even those that sit in the corner by themselves feel like they belong there. Belonging to something bigger than you matters. Especially when it comes bundled with a big ole' pot of fun!. 

What's A Wang Chung? 

     Nobody is sure.  But if  you Google "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" it will cover the first three pages. There are no other responses even close.  In a manner of speaking Wang Chung 'owns that market space.'  There is an entire generation that will smile anytime they hear the song.
     Just type in 'Everybody Have Fun Tonight" into your Facebook status.  I'd be surprised if someone doesn't finish that verse for you. 

And Just Like That You've Engaged Your Community

     That's where it starts. Engaging your community.  Getting them involved in your 'stuff'.  Some people call it a campfire. Others call it a tribal meeting.  It doesn't matter.  What matters is that you become the place for them to laugh and learn.  We can help you make that happen.  

The First Seven Steps To A Great Community

     Getting started on creating your community is easy.  The first step is connecting to them.  That's what this post is about. It's what I want to do. Establish a connection to you by you making a conscious decision to subscribe to our newsletter.
     I promise not to abuse your trust.  I won't send you gobs of email or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe anytime you want. I just want to be able to be connect to you.
     I  have created a checklist for you. Sign up for our newsletter to get connected.  Then download the first seven steps. It will be fun!

Please contact us if you need anything!We just want you to be happy! Have fun and enjoy!