Introducing "The S.T.A.N. Plan"

David Kutcher & BlogXpertise - Game Changers

I'm not really sure where I first saw +David Kutcher and +Confluent Forms LLC work. I just remember thinking that they were going to make something happen.  Not because the stuff was all that technical. It just had a look of professionalism about it that spoke volumes about their approach.

It's About The Share

Not only were the sites they were involved in attractive, but they were sharing what they were doing.  That's pretty impressive.  It's not everyday that someone will give you a seat at their dinner table. And they weren't just giving away scraps. They were giving away free templates, tools, and tips.

It's About The Customer

If you follow the links in the image to Confluent's Website and go to the About page, here's what you'll read "The high level of satisfaction earned by Confluent Forms’ work is illustrated by the longevity of our customer relationships. All of our solutions are designed to scale with our clients and, as often requested, provide complete facilities for self-management without the intervention of our System Administrators." 

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