Introducing "The S.T.A.N. Plan"

Kittie Walker - Communications and Marketing from Indigo

I met +Kittie Walker through an online writing course we both took with Chris Brogan. Basically she came from nowhere in my world, to everywhere I was.  I just had to open my eyes and look for her. The image in this profile represents her well. She thinks about stuff. A lot. So whenever she says something, shares a post, or writes something, I do my best to read it.  I trust what she has to say, because I trust her motives. They are always great insights about things bigger than the facts.

Who Is Kittie Walker

Checking her 'About Page' you'll find this "I’m Kittie Walker, the founder and Managing Partner of Indigo Girl. You can get to know me pretty well via my columns over at SP Home Run and SteamFeed. You can also catch up with me Indigo Girl blog and across various social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+."  She's a busy lady! But never too busy to help.

What Kittie Does

These days it's hard to get a grip on exactly what they do, and Kittie is no exception.  I can tell you what I think she does, titles excluded. She reads, analyzes, and formulates solutions based on a mixture of things. Those things include the culture, personality, and branding of her clients.  You can follow her links to read her stuff. 

Why You Should Listen

Just in case you don't know it, I'm very careful about who I recommend.  Although I don't know most of the people I spotlight, I do know their work. Before they go on this site, I've done my homework about them as people.  I don't even add people in Circles unless I've looked at their profile.   I've done my home work on Kitty.  It's all good!