Introducing "The S.T.A.N. Plan"

Ronnie Bincer - The Hangout Helper

+Ronnie Bincer appears to be a man on a mission. That mission seems to be to help everyone on the planet learn how to use Google Plus.  Ronnie would love to see all of carbon based Earthlings enjoying the benefits of using Google Hangout to communicate with the people they care about. Whether that's customers, family, or friends makes no difference to Ronnie. And he's having a good time doing it.

The First Time I Saw Ronnie

I was just searching random things about videos, Google, Google Plus and Hangouts.  No matter what I searched, there always seemed to be some guy in a Santa hat with a big smile on his face.  The first couple of times he showed up, I figured he was a Santa for hire or something.  I kept searching. 

This Wasn't Your Run Of The Mill Santa Claus

I know how to search. I've been doing it for 20 years now. I've even got a little certificate on my wall from Google's Power Search Class.  So when I kept seeing this Santa guy, (although I had nothing about Christmas in my search criteria), I figured I should take a look.  I was more than surprised by what I found. I was actually relieved.  My search for a good resource had just ended.

So I Watched A Few Videos

Here's a guy giving great advice on how to use Videos, Google, Hangouts and more to increase your visibility.  That's right. SEO for Video. Or Videos about SEO. Take your pick. His offerings are extensive and valuable.  He covers Hangouts, Pinterest, Communities, Pagerank and other pretty heady material. All of them with participants like Martin Shervington and Mark Traphagan. People that are highly respected in their own fields. And he's doing it with Santa hats,  online beards, and other silly stuff.  He's also doing it in front of these other guys.  You could just tell by his smile how much he enjoyed what he was doing. He didn't care how silly it looked.  He was on a mission...remember? 

Roll Over The Image - Follow The Links

I could write about his stuff for a long time. But let's just save some time.  Roll your mouse over the links in the image above and visit his stuff.  You'll be glad you did. 

This Image is here because it is the only way I can get the image to show up on Google Interactive Posts right now (May 2013).  If you know of a better way, please contact me... I'm all ears!