Google Authorship On Difficult Blogger Templates

The first time I saw somebody' picture show up in Google, I clicked on their link.  Period. I was no longer wondering or looking for whatever was in the search term. I wanted to know about them.  Personally.  So I started reading about what it was.  I found out that if I was using Blogger (which I am) then I 'couldn't get there from here.'  I knew there was no way that could be correct, I mean.. Google owns Blogger. Right? It wound up the third party template that I was using was 'running interference' for what I was trying to accomplish by using poorly coded widgets, whodoos and what nots. I eventually decided to fix the problem with a little wizardry of my own. I have switched templates now, but just in case you're having an issue with yours, here's how I did it. Don't forget to roll over the neat images at the bottom of the post. It's what I live for.

  1. Create and "About Me" page on your blog. Mine is here. Name it "About Me" (You can name it anything you want, but for this tutorial ALL references will be for "About Me".)
  2. Create a Text/HTML Widget on your page.  Mine is on the bottom left and looks like the image to the right.
  3. Link from the Widget using the rel='author' tag. The coding of your link will look similar to this: <a href="">Your Name</a>
  4. On the "About Me" page, add a link to your Google profile (or Google+ profile) with the rel=”me” tag. It will look like this <a href="[your_profile_url]" rel="me">My Google+ Profile</a>
  5. In you Google profile, add a link to your About me page in the “Other Profiles”
  6. In your Google Profile add you website in the “Contributor to” places, respectively and click on Done Editing to save the changes.
  7. Go to the Google Rich Snippets Tool to see if Google accepts the authorship. Go here and type in your blog/website address and click on 'preview' to check if the authorship is verified. You should see some green text with 'Verified" Authorship markup is verified for this page" if it is accepted. 
  8. If it is accepted and you have a Business page on Google+ you should you should link that to your website too, to enable smoother integration with Google+. 
  9. Add this meta tag to your blog, under the <head> part of your blog. <link href="" rel="publisher">
  10. This doesn't happen overnight, however if done correctly and accepted, any changes that you make, such as your avatar, will take effect very quickly AFTER you receive your authorship email. 
Although this is for Blogger sites, you can easily extrapolate the information to use on a WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or straight HTML site.

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