How To Manage Your Google Profile Endorsements

At approximately 2:00 PM on October 11, 2013 I needed to update something about my Google Profile. When I got there, I noticed a red bar across the top of the page that said something about Google changing their policy on who could see my endorsements, images, etc.  Being ME, there was no way I could NOT read about the changes. I care about my privacy. I care whether some images show up in a search.  So I read it.
At 2:13 I posted a simple link in Google Plus to the page where you could read about the changes, and control whether your stuff shows up. Since then I've seen a couple other posts about this. So I figured I'd make an image, post something to Blogger, share it to a few places, give my view on it and maybe pick up a few readers.

Managing Your Endorsements Is Easy

At least on the surface. All you do is go to this page to and use the selection box to determine whether or not your 'shared endorsements' show up in searches. You can read the terms of service change here. It's all a bunch of legal gooble-dee-gook. Here's what it says "Google can do what it wants. You have no say so in the matter. You don't have to agree!  Feel free to use another search engine." I'm paraphrasing of course, but that's the meat of it.

Don't Get Bogged Down Trying To Manage Your Endorsements

Don't go to the 'alarmist' mode. It will serve no purpose. The truth is 90% of the people won't even look at that setting. What they do effects you if you're connected to them. End of story. All this really does is give them permission to use your stuff. They have that anyway. You're using THEIR stuff. They can use yours. All that stuff about 'if you're 18', and 'who you're connected to' is just a bunch of words on the screen. Most kids under the age of 18 have Gmail, Facebook, and YouTube Accounts. But to gain access to some sites, they said they were 21. So means nothing.

Here's My Advice On The Google Profile Endorsement

Select whichever one makes you feel good. What ever helps you sleep at night will be the choice you should make. That being said, if you want people to read your review on left handed gangloid sprocket wrench, then you should allow it. If you don't want that, then uncheck the box. But don't spend a lot of time on this. Like Van Morrison says ' it won't change No Thing".
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