How To Remove The Nav Bar On A Blogger Site

One of the things that I hear is that Google Blogger is too hard to personalize. That's true about some things, not so much about others. One of the things I hear about is the Nav Bar. If you have a blog that's hosted with Google Blogger, there's a good chance that you have one of these. All blogger accounts come standard with them installed. There's really nothing wrong with these, and sometimes I don't mind clicking on the 'next' blog just to experiment. It's always a interesting. But it's a guessing game as to what you'll get A shot in the dark. The video at the end of this article will show you how to get rid of it.

What Happens When You Click "Next Blog"? 

Your guess is as good as mine. The first one in the video takes you to a site that about magic or something. I'm not sure what they are in to, but it looks like it's been a while since it was updated.  so I just clicked back and then clicked on "Next Blog" again and take my chances.

Hello Bretony!!!

The site that came up at that random moment in time was "Bretony Speaks The Truth.>  It has a nice picture of a young female. I didn't spend any time on it, not because I don't want to hear what truth Bretony is in to.. but.. MY TRUTH is that if my wife clicked the link, I wouldn't want to explain to her how I came to know Bretony. If her mother clicked on it, I'd have even more explaining to do. Why? Because they don't know how that "Next Blog' works. They probably think it's mine.

Can You Control That Next Blog Thing?

Yes, sort of.  There's a place to do that. If I hadn't already done that in previous selections, there's no telling what might have come up. If you would rather keep your NavBar and want me to make a video on how to control some of the content that comes up... make a request here!

So How Can I Remove The Google Nav Bar?

The Video will explain this, but if you want to just follow the steps rather than listen to my fantastic southern drawl, here are the steps.

  •  Go To Your Blog
  • In the NavBar click Design
  • Then click Layout
  • Now click on the Navbar widget on the top right.
  • On the bottom of the navbar you have a little button that says 'off'.  Click that.
  • Save your work 
That's really all there is to it. I would give you this one tip though. Be sure to click on 'save arrangement' on the Layout screen. If you don't 'then sometimes' it doesn't save what you just did.

Google Nav Bar - Has Left The Building

If you go to your blog now, by clicking on the "View Blog" link you'll see that the Nav Bar is gone. But, so is the link to the design feature. You can get back to that through the backend of your blogger account. You can get to that here!   All the other little widget tools on your page will still work though.

Thank You!

If you'd like to request a 'How To" video... you can do that here  There are plenty of other ways to get in touch with me.  Just use what works for you. That's really what's important when you get to the bottom line of all this stuff.

Let's Get All Googly About IT!

Just in case you don't know. I use about 95% Google stuff. The video is hosted on Google, the links are using Google Short Links, and it's..well... a blogger site.


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