What's So Great About Google Apps?

What's so great about Google Apps.
     I'm not going to waste your time by asking you to read my take on Google Plus. There are plenty of people posting about that. Google's Learn More should be your first start.  You're probably not here for that anyway. You want to know how to use it to do one of three things.
     1. How to connect to your family and friends.
     2. How to connect to your customers.
     3. How to get people to connect to you.

     I do talk about those kinds of things on this blog. But this isn't the page for that.  This is just a page to tell you what Google Plus is. And Isn't.

What Is Google Plus? 

     It's not Facebook.  That's for certain. There are too many services wrapped up and integrated with Google Plus to consider it 'Facebook'-ish. Everything Google is either already integrated with Google Plus, or is being integrated with G+.  That means your email, pictures, documents, videos, blogs, and other Google Services are all sort of 'wrapped' up into one place.

What Do All These Google Services Do For You?

     You know how you go to a website that you haven't been to in a few years and it asks for your login? It won't stop that.  What it 'can' stop is the need to change your password in tens of hundreds of places, just to login.  If you change your password in one place, it changes it in all Google Apps. So there's no need to keep long lists of passwords. For those that need it, your IT guy can add a deeper level of security. 

Fine..What Else Is Good About Google Applications?

     Because they are integrated, you can use one application's resources in another application. It's really easy. For example, here's the path for the Google image on this page.
  • Take the picture with my phone. 
  • It's automatically uploaded to 'Instant Uploads" , which is PRIVATE to ME.
  • I select the picture (still on my phone) and move it to the folder "Google Plus" in PicasaWeb.
  • I start the blog post and choose "insert image".  
  • I choose 'From My Albums"
  • I choose the image and insert it into this page. 
  • I'm done
     You can do the same thing with documents, videos, calendars, maps, images, and more.  

What About The Social Stuff in Google? 

     Yeah. It does that too. And it's all 'connected' as well. It I want to get someone's attention on this blog, all I do is add their Google Name.  For example +Stan Bush would alert me that somoene was talking about me.

Where Do I Go From Here?

     That depends on what you want to do.  To sign up for Google Apps, go to http://www.google.com/a/ .  If you want to know how to get started on this site, go here.   If you want to know how I use Google then go here


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