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Marvelous Minutes from Hangouts On Air Nov 2013

Last week had some really terrific Hangouts On Air. After experiencing the quality of material being offered in them, I figured I would share five of the particular hangouts that I enjoyed. The video below will explain what's in the hangouts. And rolling over the image on the bottom half of the page will show you those marvelous minutes in the videos right where you are. So sit back and take a load off for about 5 minutes. 

If you roll over the image below, you will see links to the exact 'marvelous minute' from last week's hangouts.

Sarah Willis of +hornsarahberlin hears about overcoming fear from +Arkady Shilkloper
+Peg Fitzpatrick gives +Dustin W. Stout some advice about Pinterest images on +Jason T. Wiser 's Show
+Jim Shankle gets great insight from +David Amerland about testing your social network efforts
+Ileane Smith gives +Dino Dogan some Klout on +Mia Voss 's show +The Mia Connect
And Davis Love talks about things that are important on the +PGA TOUR Hangouts.

And of course everybody on all the hangouts were very appreciative of the help and sharing that +Christine DeGraff gives every day!

See you next week!