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31 Weeks | Week 5 | Featuring Laura Williams

+Christine DeGraff caught all of our attention in December with her wonderful #31people  project. During that month, I and many others would eagerly anticipate each day when Christine would introduce us to yet another interesting person of Plus. I could not have been more honored to be a part of this group of such talented people as +Tina Willis+Jeff Sieh+Robert Ryan+Nicholas Cardot+Stan Bush,+Wendy Hernandez, and many many more.  

At the end of the month, the #31people  decided to band together and take turns carrying on the spirit of her mission: to bring the world just a little bit closer together. During the #31weeks  project, we will be introducing the Plus community to one new person each week.

This week is my turn. And I am incredibly pleased to introduce you all to someone I think you really ought to know.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet +Laura Williams 

You may have seen her before around the HOA scene. Her comments and questions have been lighting up the comment section every week at #GetBizy  and many other shows. She's absolutely a delight and if you haven't met her, you really ought to say hello.

Laura hails from my part of the world down here in Central Florida, and she is a freelance writer, graphic designer, and social media specialist. Her posts are a delightful mix of professional content and pure fun shares, and every comment helps you to get a little bit better acquainted.

In Laura's own words, via her website:
I have always loved to read and write and draw.  I wrote and illustrated my first book when I was 6 about a princess and her mean father, the King. It wasn’t much of a story, the plot was predictable and the illustrations childlike. I was 6. As I grew up I continued to write stories and draw. As the minivan filled up I found that there was less space in my head for writing and drawing so I used my creativity in different ways, like trying to figure out how to get peanut butter off a very mad cat. When I was 40, I went back to college and once again that space opened up. I could write. I concentrated on literature and writing courses and I ran a creative writing group.

Then life got in the way, again. Now that space is opening up, again. I write, I draw and I create. Of course, now I get paid to do it!

I think the Big Dude in the sky knew exactly what I needed at this moment in my life. So, I’ll just keep writing and drawing and trying to figure out the easiest way to get peanut butter off a mad cat.

How lucky we are that, in between peanut butter cat sessions, Laura spends time with us here on Plus! Say hello... you'll love her comments, her shares, and her conversation during Hangouts on Air. The marks of a truly wonderful Plus community member!

Connect with Laura Williams:

It's been a delight to get to know Laura, and it's a delight to share her with all of you. Stay tuned next week for an introduction from the wonderful +Pepper Oldziey!