Sharing Is Caring Isn't Always The Case

Stan Bush - Stanology - The Truth About Sharing

All Shares Are NOT Created Equal 

"Sharing Is Caring". I've watched this nonsensical idea proliferate between 10 an 20 years. There are some things about it that are spot on. And there are some things about it that trouble me. Since we are on a five minute timer, I'll get straight to them.

Sharing Your Best Stuff

I've never seen a guru share every thing they do. Ever. They are always reminding you that they 'give away their best stuff." But, isn't their best stuff the books, CD's, or other products their selling? The book guru wants you to share their stuff so they can sell more books. The Training guru wants you to share their stuff so they can sell more training. The car guy wants you to share his post so he can sell more cars. Don't misunderstand me. I don't think there's anything wrong with sharing. But buying their products and giving them yours isn't an equitable exchange. In my view, it is a one way exploitation of your willingness to help.

Should You Expect Something In Return

What exactly do you think the car salesman is going to 'share' back with you? When you buy a car from him, is he going to share the expense? No. He's going to charge you everything he can. Then he's going to ask you to share how to create or manage something in your field. And he expects it for free. After all, he gave you such a great deal. Sure he did. A great deal of payments. Something you'll be hooked with for the next four, five, or even six years. In an equitable exchange, his payments should last just as long.

The Disruptive Share

I had an optometrist office ask me to fix their printer. That would have been great if they actually called and asked me for a service call. But they didn't. At the time I was standing at their counter paying an $1100 eye exam and glasses appointment for me and two other family members. And they were upset when I didn't perform those services. I know this because I'm friends with their IT guy.

I'm All For Sharing

And I know the rewards of sharing without expectation. But the manipulative aspects that are used by many is what I see happening. The bottom line is, just because you don't share doesn't mean you don't care. And don't let anyone use your passion for something to steal your life or talents. Take it from someone who's been through it more than once. The very thing that you're passionate about is exactly what you should be getting paid to do.

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