StanOlogy - Inaugural Post

Just something some guy named Stan thinks about.

This Is Both Difficult and Comforting

It's not very often that I do something like this. In order to do this, I'm going to have to step out of my comfort zone. I know, I know.... some of  you don't think I have a comfort zone. But I do really. Internally, we are all alike. We feel the same things about our selves.  Well, until we come to realize that we can change that. Especially when it comes to fear. What is there really to be afraid about? What's the worst that can happen. Someone not like my video? Or maybe they get offended (most likely). What's that really going to do to me though? Nothing...nothing at all. That's it's not already doing. In other words, I can feel bad about myself, all by myself. Or I can take a big chance an see where things land.

Jonah Hill

I was watching a video the other day in which Sarah Silverman was giving Jonah Hill a hard time about his weight. Afterwards, he grilled her about her age. But what was the most compelling thing about that whole exchange was what Jonah said to Sarah after they had roasted each other. He leaned over to her and said "I just got everything that could possibly happen to me happen. The worst things that could ever be said were said...and yet.. I'm still alive."  Is that not a powerful thing to experience?  Well, I want to experience that myself, in my own little corner of the world. So, do your best. I'm going to do my best to still be standing afterwards.


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