Not Everything That Flies Is An Eagle

I just got out of a Blab.IM. If you don't know what that is, it's OK. It's a fairly new platform. At this writing it's a little over 4 months old. It don't know how many people are on it. They haven't released the numbers yet. Honestly, I don't know that they ever will. Whatever they are, they are changing very rapidly. I wouldn't want to gander a guess either. Besides, that's not what this post is about. This is a post about people. That's it. And you can find plenty of people over at Blab.IM.

What Kind Of People?

Currently there are a lot of Social Media Specialist. At least that's what they say they are. They can get you followers. They can get you likes. You want to be in more G+ Circles? No problem. They can do that too! They are 'awesome' and you should listen to them. Because they are Social Media Specialist/Strategist/Managers. They can build your business. And there are a ton of them over at Blab telling you how you how to make money. Neat. Except they are sitting on broke asses.

And That's Not The Best Part

They can do all that and still hold down a full time job at Lowe's. Or maybe they work at Piggly Wiggly full time. Some of them deliver pizzas. But believe you me...when it comes to building your business...they can flat get it done. They just can't do it where they work. You know. The place that currently pays them. Because their hands are tied. All they want them to do at work is be productive. Which is so unlike their social media manager requirements. Especially when it comes to your stuff.

And So They Talk To You

After all. You need followers don't you. You need likes, circlers, and friends. Of course you do. And they have plenty of them. On all the networks. Everybody loves them, and they are just awesome to be around. There's only one problem with them.

They Don't Have A Clue What It Takes To Make A Profit

At all. They get paid no matter what they do. Nothing at WalMart, Home Depot, or Burger King requires them to do that. All they have to do is show up, do what's the boss says, and get paid. I'm not saying that they aren't nice people. They are. But if you want to put your business's growth in their hands, be careful. 9.5 times out of 10 they aren't going to do anything but what they've offered. Get you followers, friends and likes. No income. No marketing. Zilch none.

What To Look For

Here are a few key phrases that I've heard them say. If you hear any of these, you should investigate further. All of them are just excuses for not being able to produce you any results.

  • People are tired of being sold.That's simply not true. People love to buy things they want. At least the people I know. As long as they know that's what's happening. What they don't like is bait and switch, constant tweets about things they aren't interested in, or emails about the latest greatest effort to save the yellow tailed blue horned spindly wasp beetle. They want the info to make a good buying decision. And don't fall for 'their's a difference between being sold and deciding to buy.  Those that say other wise are really saying "don't hold me responsible for any of your sales'. Those that talk about your ROI  openly, frequently, and with accountability are the ones to pay attention to.
  • We're Going To Get You Some Traffic
    Who cares. You're looking for customers. Not traffic. You can buy traffic at a number of places. What you're looking for are buyers.
  • The Sales Process Is Changing
    Bullsnot. You meet a buyer. You tell them what you have. And they either buy or they don't. There's nothing that's changed about that process except its online. 

What's This Got To Do With Eagles?

Nothing really. It has more to do with vultures. Online vultures that are waiting to grab your wallet. Or worse yet, willing to waste your time by offering it for free. Either's going to cost you. The point is, not everyone that says they are social media specialists are media specialist. They are social media users. There's a big difference. 

I'm not a social media specialist. I'm a guy that gets stuff done, with social media skills, and can sell. If you allow me, I can help you get stuff done..