Social Media Is Like A Toilet

A Simple Idea To Promote Your Business Services

A Simple Way To Promote Your Business

I'll get right to it. I posted this picture yesterday. It was to bring a few friends up to date on something we had discussed in video calls. I knew they would get a smile out of it. They did. So that part of my mission was successful. I'll tell you later what made them smile. But there was another part of the mission that was just as successful. I wanted my business information in the image.

So I Put A Little Extra In The Composition

You never know. Rice Krispy treats might be the path to their advertising budget. I put my business card in the image, at the same angle as the very old, very hand embroidered table cloth. And guess what? Someone commented on it. So that means it was seen.

Did anyone call? 

No. Not yet. But it's still early. I've had response on stuff like this before. It didn't cost me anything, and it didn't take away from what I was doing. It will be there for as long as the image is up. And maybe I could have used a better message than FourSquare. It could take years. I once spent less than five minutes putting my business cards in the wallets at Ross For Less. About four months later, someone called me because they found it. We're still doing business together. I'd say that simple promotion paid off.

So What About The Rice Krispy Treats?

Yesterday was hectic. My wife was at work. I knew she would be working late. So I decided to surprise her by doing the laundry. It was "warmish' yesterday and I decided to hang the clothes outside. It would get me out in the fresh air, as well as earn some 'brownie points". I decided to take it a step further with a heart shaped Rice Krispy Treat. One of her favorites. I put the butter and the last cup of marshmallows in the pan and set the temp to low. Amazingly enough, at that exact moment...she sent me a text message showing me the work she was doing. I quickly took a picture of the clothes on the line and sent it to her. She responded "WOW". I wanted to keep the positivity going, so I took a picture of the half melted marshmallows in the pan and sent that to her. She thought that was GREAT! And then my hangout alarm went off. It was a client. The first thing they said was....

I Got A Quick Little Question For You

Yes. I know there is no such thing as "A quick little question". If it were that little, they would just Google it and figure it out for themselves. But, I'm a helpful person, so I started listening. About five minutes into the conversation, I remembered the melting butter and marshmallows. That's about three minutes too late. So I started asking them to "hold on for a minute. I have some Rice Krispy treats I'm working on." I'm sure they figured that could NEVER be as important as their 'quick little question', so they continued with their issue. By the time I was able to get off the call, the marshmallows looked like they were involved in a badly executed 'Smores' recipe in a campfire. You know... where marshmallow catches fire. It was awful. Made even worse by the fact that I didn't have any more marshmallows. AND, no transportation to get more. It was at that time I got the next text message from Cheryl "Thanks for the laundry. I can taste those Rice Krispy treats from here!" I was in deep doo doo. 

And Then Kristin And Michele Contacted Me

There were things I needed to go over with Kristin and Michele. During our conversations we discussed the Rice Krispy incident. They both agreed it was something I couldn't just ignore. I would have to run to the store (physically)  and get more marshmallows. Which I did. And I posted the picture of those here. Which elicited the response from Pettique Dog concerning the business cards. Which motivated me to make this Google Plus Post, this Facebook Post, a Tweet, and a pin on Pinterest. So, all in all.. I'm glad I added the business card to the image. 

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