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I have to admit that I almost gave up on this site. The only reason I stuck it out was because I had read so many good things about it. I simply couldn't navigate it. I couldn't find any of the free images. You can find the site here :  . The photo above is from the site, but I only found it AFTER I started my review.

I Had Just About Given Up

In fact, I had already made the image for this review. I'll post it below, but basically it was an image that said "I give up". I just didn't want to keep searching for the images. I was going to write an article that said 'They may be free, but you have to sign up for their email notifications to find them." Which isn't true. They are free, at least I think they are. Here's a link to their License  which was too much gobble dee gook for me. In my humble opinion, images are either free or they aren't. And just tell me in a few sentences if they are. I've already seen plenty of sites that do that. And I prefer it. 

How Many Times Will I Have To Change This Image

I have a system for these reviews. I spend time going over the site. I make my notes, I download the images, I create the main image (seen above) and then start typing. It works great. By the time I start, I've got the logos, the links, and the licenses ready to go. That way I get to start and get to focus on the images and review. But that didn't happen here. Far from it. I had to REDOWNLOAD and create the image four times. It could have been a fifth, but I decided if the logo isn't important to them, it shouldn't be for me either. 

Am I Giving This Site A Negative Review?

No. Far from it. Their images, business model, and writing show a great deal of creativity. It's worth the visit alone just to see the images from the Big Sur, Cycling in Seattle, or Fitness shoots. Now that you know what they are, go find them. And that's the part that's frustrating. 

And What's Up With The Name?

Is it DeathToStock, Death To Stock Photo, or Death To THE Stock Photo? The first page says 'Death To Stock', and is the image on the top left of the image on the top of this page. But when you go here, to the Premium Login page, you're going to see a different image. And then at the bottom of the About Page, you'll see yet another one. And you must not forget the one on the Twitter page. I'd just like to know which one I should refer to you as. 

Let's Get Back To The Pictures

So that you don't have to spend time clicking on the image at the bottom of the front page, or looking at the "Shop' page, or maybe seeing if there's a hidden link underneath the main menu.... let me tell you how to get to these really interesting photos on this site. Click on Blog. Now click on the 'Read Onward" button. Yes. That's the one. The one that makes you think you are going to go read a blog post. There's your pictures. That's what you've been looking for... except.. wait, there's only about four images on each page. Except other times when there's only two. And of course, there's also the pages that have three images and a link to join the premium club. For only $15 you can get an email once a month to ... uhhm... let me see... SOME pictures. I don't even see how many there are. 

Apparently This Business Model Has Worked For Them

From what I've read, they have over 150,000 email subscribers. If each one of them represents $15 a month, then they have a great business model. And I commend them for it. But, I wouldn't subscribe. Ever. Not because the images aren't good, but because I'm not their target market. I don't need to subscribe to get images. I can get what I need from some of the other great sites I've reviewed. But if you're the kind of person that needs an unorganized, artsy fartsy concept driven, hard to navigate to find what  you're looking for website... this one is made especially for you. You'll be able to spend hours on it without every actually finding anything. 

What's It Running On?

Wordpress. Nothing too complicated. There may be some other neat features of it, but I was worn out just looking for the pictures. I didn't want to look for anything else. 

Where Else Can You Find Them?

If you're like me, you'll find these easier to use. So, check out Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. And enjoy some great images, that 'might' be free, or 'might' not. I don't know. I just know I didn't 'bookmark' this site. As I said, I'm not their target market. 

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