Review of the Free Image Site : MMI

Day three of my search for great Free Images Online has me at MMT.LI .  Since you may be coming here from a page link, this link will give you all the reviews I've done so far. The MMI site was created by Jeffrey Betts, which is where the image above came from. There was a lot more to MMT than meets the eye.  And here's my honest opinion of it.

The Site Looks Good

It's appeal is that it's easy to look at. In other words, there's nothing that gets in the way of the images. At first when I started looking around, I didn't 'get' where I could find the other images. It looked like it was going to be a very short group of images. But then I found the drop down "Filter By" button. And once I did that, I was introduced to a lot of new images. And I thought, wow, this is really going to be great!

There Were Plenty Of Images

There were images of NYC, Beaches, Oceans, Amusement Parks, and more. You could view them in a full page, or in a grid. There were plenty of them. But very few of what I would call 'outstanding' images. I mean, they weren't bad. But I knew this wasn't going to be my 'Go To" site for images. By that I don't mean I wouldn't go there. What I mean is that it won't be in my top ten. But there was something that really intrigued me about the site. I just was looking at how great it looked, and how easy it was to navigate. It's really nice.

So I Dug A Little Deeper

As it turns out Jeffrey Betts is quite good at what he does. He is a UI/UX designer. But not just any UI/UX designer. According to his LinkedIn Profile, he is the the founder of the platform 'The Grid'. If you don't know who they are, then read this article. Go ahead... I'll wait. 

Yes. You read it correctly. The Grid has raised 5.1 million for his concept. Pretty good for a guy running a personal site on WordPress using the Less Theme.  He's also the same guy that has a site on created by Snappa. He's also got something on Magdeliene and SplashBase as well. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised by finding him on ProductHunt as well.

Now that  you know that the designer for MMT is the founder of a site that will eventually be self created using AI, what do you think of his pictures? Yes, I agree. They are the pictures of someone with great technical expertise. Maybe he's looking to relax. And then again, maybe all those sites are just part of his concept for 'The Grid'. Perhaps he's really digging hard into the whole AI thing on web development. I do know this. Not all the pictures on the sites I linked to are the same. Some of them are quite wonderful. And the sum of all those pictures is quite impressive. Kudos to Jeffrey for that. 

What About The Image Licensing

Are they really free? Well, the text on the top says "Free for commercial use photos by Jeffrey Betts. CC0 license." To save you some time, here is the text : "The person who associated a work with this deed has dedicated the work to the public domain by waiving all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights, to the extent allowed by law." So it looks like yes, they are free.

Here is where else you can find MMT.LI

The links above were where you could find some more images from Jeffrey and his other endeavors. The images below are where you kind find ones that link directly to MMT. 

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