Is Really A Free Image Site?

What's the historical significance of this window? doesn't have as many images on it as some of the other Free Image sites. If I had to guess, I'd say there are less than 200 photos. Looking at the site gives you the illusion that there are more. But there isn't. And that's not a bad thing. Because it has a uniqueness to it that's difficult to put your finger on. Until you read the 'About' page..

Who's Behind This Site?

It's not a major corporation. It's not a celebrity, or even a well known photographer. It's a grandson showing his admiration and love for his grandfather. Here's an exerpt: is a project initiated by Raffael Herrmann, which serves you with free (and I mean really free) photos. All pictures are taken by myself or my (sadly deceased) uncle Peter Janzen. You can find out whether a photo is taken by me or my uncle, by looking for the post author on the photo detail pages.
That's it. And once I read that, I wanted to view more photos. If not because of their quality, because of their QUALITY. By that, I mean the quality of the relationship it paints. I wanted to know how many of the pictures they took together. How many of these images rush at Raffael with memories that live because of them. Were they walking together when Hokenstra├če at night was taken. Did they watch the Fireworks over Goslar together? And what's the significant history behind Historical Window Behind A Tree?  I wanted to know more about the people that were taking the photos.

What Kind Of Photos Can You Expect

It's a good mix. I can't say for sure, but it looks like Peter Janzen mixed it up with still life and animals. Lots of country roads, fields, cats, dogs and even a ram. Raffael  seems to like architecture, technology, and anything with water. All of them are better than average, and some of them are really outstanding. I still feel like the stories behind them are what makes the shots though.

Are They Really Free?

Yes. Absolutely. It says that in more than one place, but here is the license ;
All photos on are released under the CC0-license, which means that you are allowed to use the photos for free. You’re also allowed to share or modify the photos – for private, public and commercial purposes! All pictures are dedicated to the public domain. This means you even don’t have to set a backlink. No attribution required! (That is not to say, that I wouldn’t be happy if you set a backlink nevertheless…)  

What's The Site Running On?

It's an Ubuntu OS running an Apache Web server. The site is running on Word Press, using Yoast and many other free plugins. The site would be doable by most developers.  

 Where Else You Can Find CC0

I didn't find a Twitter, Google Plus, or Pinterest account, but they very well may have one. What I found was a Facebook page here: . Raffael has continued to take pictures, as the I have seen one as recently as January 12, 2016. I hope he continues, and leaves the site, it's pictures, and it's memories with his grandson. Well done.

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