PICJUMBO Free Images For Your Projects - Review

This Plasma Ball is from PICJumbo images.

PICJumbo.com is the fourth in this series of Free Image Site Reviews. The way I decided to review it speaks volumes of the site. I was looking for an image for the StanBush.net website. I was looking for an image for my 'What's Free What's Not' page. After looking through at least 7 other sites, I made a decision. The first site I found that had an image I thought I could use, I would review.I finally found one here.

This Is A BIG Site

Maybe I should rephrase that. This site APPEARS to be very big. It's hard to tell really. It does look like it would take several hours just to work through the links. There's a bit too much advertising for my taste. There's also a lot of 'Tweet This Message' widgets everywhere. Believe me, I understand it. There's a lot of work maintaining a site like this. It has to be supported financially. So, kudos to Viktor for having content that will support that many ads.

What About Viktor

According to his site: Viktor Hanacek is 22yo photographer, online entrepreneur and life enjoyer living in Europe. Viktor is running a successful free stock photo site named picjumbo where people can download beautiful images for their works for free. He is also car lover and owns 420HP Audi R8.  There are some images on him on Viktor's site. There are a few stories about him. He seems like a nice guy. Digging into the PICJumbo.com site, you'll see Vik takes a very realistic view of his work. He rephrases a Disney quote so say "I don’t make photos to make money, I make money to make more photos". Well played Mr. Hanacek. Well played.

So What About The Images

It's true. The images are free. Or at least they can be. And they are all outstanding images. I found the search to be a bit cumbersome, but the drop down filter menu is fantastic. You'll find it on the left hand side, just above the first picture. It's called "Categories" and it will filter out all but those in the category you select. You'll love the results. My favorite pictures were those under "Nature"

What About The Money?

There are several ways that the site makes money. You can buy a premium membership. You can buy a big package of images you can download all at once. Or you can get some sort of monthly subscription. When you go to the page that explains the Premium Membership, this is what you'll find:
The inexhaustible source of real-life images & collections I know sometimes it’s very hard to find suitable images for your projects. It can be startups, webdesigners, theme designers, companies, or bloggers. All these creative people need nice images for better storytelling and picjumbo PREMIUM is the way how to get tons of quality real-life images. Take a look at previews of the latest collections below to see what you‘ll get. No more searching for images, full collections will be landing into your inbox!
It's really a moot point to hash out all the benefits of joining. I think those are personal choices. My choice is to use it for free. But I'm not a professional developer. I'm just a guy looking for good images every now and then. And this site over delivers in that area, in my opinion.


PICJumbo is unarguably a great source of images for someone that needs free images. It's also a great source for those that want to pay for perks. In my list of sites to check, it's definitely going to be a favorite.
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