Kashi Fiber Is Above My Skillset

Whilst attempting to meet the minimum requirements to pass the weekly "Kroger Shopper's Math Exam" today, I saw where some of your fine products were listed in the "Buy 3 and Save Money' Challenge section of the aforementioned Quiz. I decided to mosie on over and take a gander at your current entries into the "Breakfast With Fiber" Category.

Joining The "More Fiber" Brigade

I eagerly perused your imaginative and scintillating concoctions and made my selection. A nice box of Vanilla Graham Clusters with Vanilla-kissed puffs sounded right down my alley. But, as I began to perform due diligence to study the ingredients of your offering, I couldn't help but notice that 'Twigs" was on the top of the list. I'm sure that Twigs taste great in a bowl of vanilla and milk. But that's not what concerns me.

A Little More Ambitious Than I Had Anticipated

I'm just a beginner taking little bitty baby steps. I don't think I'm quite ready to step up to that level of dedication to the fiber life. Twigs just sounds like more roughage than I would enjoy. Do you have some sort of 'Starter Kit"? Maybe something with PineStraw or Hay? I would even consider peanut hulls as an alternative. In the meanwhile I'm throwing some sawdust and cardboard in the bowl and will try to muster up the courage to meet you at some level in the future.

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