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What You Hear Depends On Who You're Listening To

Listening is the key to understanding
Society is in an awful place. People are unhappy about their jobs, relationships, health, and living conditions. Religious and political leaders are the worst they have ever been. And yet, some people love their careers, spouses and homes. They enjoy great health. They seem to be happy at church and with their leaders. What's the difference between the two? It depends on who you're listening to.

Here's An Easy To Understand Example

Go to a football game. At the end of the game talk to people from the losing side. Most of them will talk about the bad umpires. Some will tell you about the performance of the players. They will talk about the bad seats, weather, time, and food. They are focused on it. They are looking for people to collaborate and share in their suffering. Misery loves company.

Then Talk To The Victors 

They may talk a little about the things that didn't go well. But mostly they will be reliving and sharing the great throws, catches, touchdowns and tackles. They barely remember the calls that went against them. They are happy about the outcome. They are focused on it and want to share all that goodness with others. Everybody loves a winner. 

Which One Would You Rather Talk To?

Before you answer that, think about it. It says a lot about you. It's easy to say you prefer the winner over the whiner. But which one do you actually do? Look around you. If you're surrounded by whiners, maybe you're a whiner too. I know I am sometimes. But I'm working on that. I'm trying to reduce my contact with negative influences. 

That Includes Movies, Music, Books and Online Activities

There is plenty of research that shows what we listen to effects our attitude. That's why I created "Positive Affirmations - My Morning Movie". It's a 25 minutes long video I created listing the things I'm thankful for. It have music, video, and quotes. I listen to it in the morning to help me focus and stay positive. When I listen to it, I have a great day. When I don't listen to it, I can tell the difference. And it's the same thing with every positive thing I do. When I run and exercise, I feel better. When I eat healthy food, I feel better. When I listen to positive information, I feel better and #GSD. 

So As Much As Possible, Listen To Positive Things

That's it. Just listen to positive things. It won't necessarily fix all that ails you, but it will fix some. And it doesn't mean you won't hear negativity. But it will affect the way you respond to stuff. 

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