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I'm Really Sorry I Took The Time Out For Myself

What Can I Do To Recharge Myself

I go to my garden several times a day. Usually during 10 minute breaks. That gives me time to water parts of it. It usually takes two breaks to get all of it done. Sometimes three if I water the flowers too. I take pictures of the vegetables and post them. I like it. It makes me feel good about things I do other than work. Its time that I take out for myself.

This Is A Longer Post That I Usually Create

It's the first collaborative blog post that I've made with my wife Cheryl. We've done post together before, but nothing like this. The difference is that she made the pencil drawing I'm using as an image. And I'm using a title that I've had around for a couple of years. We're in negotiations right now. She says if I write more from those titles, she'll draw more. Sometimes when I've worked too much, I've thought about this title. I just never took the time to write it. She's encouraging me to do more of it.

And That Really Is The Whole Point Of The Graphic And Post

In 1930, economist John Keynes predicted we'd only work 15 hours a week. In 2014 the average American worked a 47 hour week. And it doesn't look like it's going down anytime soon.  Average work hours reached it's lowest point in 1973. It was somewhere under 38, but I don't remember the exact numbers. And the average income isn't going up. It's staying the same. The ultra rich are getting ultra richer, but guess what? They are working more too. So it's not necessarily a result of being in the working class. It's more about thinking you must, should, or can 'do it all'.  Get over it...move on. Take more time for yourself.

So What Is It?

If you know anything about me, you know I buck the system about 95% of the time. This is no different. Most economist say that the reason is because we consider work a sort of 'badge'. When we say we are busy, it adds importance to our lives. As usual, I think that's a bunch of bullshit. The truth is our 'work' is no longer as defined as it was before. There's not much accountability when it comes to output. Many people browse the internet more than half the time they are at 'work'. Yet they count that as work. Don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying this is a terrible thing. I'm just saying that it IS a thing. 10 years from now the academics will catch up, as they always do...and document this phenomenon. In the meanwhile, I'm going to urge you to take as much time for yourselves as you can. Even if that is browsing the Internet at work. Unless of course you're a 40 hour a week person. Then I would prefer you put that phone down, quit texting, and talk to me when I'm standing in front of you. Taking time for yourself doesn't mean stealing it from others.   

These Are Other People Who Take Time Out For Themselves

Jackie Hutchings is a friend of mine that does crossfit. She also takes care of swans. She's a fan of Bruce Springsteen and has traveled to several countries to see him. She posts pictures of those activities quite often. Everybody that knows her knows those things about her.  She's having fun.

Kevin Greer is a couple years younger than me. He does triathlons. He also has buddies that he rides, runs and swims with on weekends. He posts pictures of them and you can tell he's having a great time. He gives that time out to himself.

My friend Mia Voss travels all over the country with her show "Mia On The Go". She broadcasts from some really neat places. She eats great food and talks with some fantastic people. You should watch her. I wish I could watch more of her episodes. Every now and then she just puts pictures up of where she's at. Sometimes she doesn't broadcast. She's taking time out for herself.

She's had some great help from Dawn Swick-Renshaw from Stoney Creek Social Media. Dawn is really good at social media. Actually, she's much better than 'really good." She's what you call a 'professional'. She would be a good person to contact for those services. can tell that she really enjoys taking time out for herself, with her family.

Elaine Nieberding likes to laugh. Everybody knows that. She enjoys laugh yoga. She recently took time out for herself, to go to the healing grounds of Bon Secours Retreat and Conference Center in Marriottsville, MD. She posted a beautiful view from her room. It was nice.

Les Dossey is a man among men. He runs his business and does whatever it takes to get 10X results. I know that he runs a successful business and has a great time doing it. He takes time out for himself when it comes to fitness. And he spends time with his lovely wife Lisa.

Rhonda Pettigrew Morris visited her Aunt Betty recently.  She posted a great picture of it. I know she had been in Florida because she also posted a picture of her and Tony at Nervous Nellies. She will never be sorry for the time she spent there.

Kittie Walker is a friend of mine from the UK. She works on the Internet doing stuff through her company AvidMode. She and I exchange ideas, reviews, and jokes on a regular basis. She often takes time out for herself by taking a beautiful nature walk to her appointments. That's brilliant.

Leanne Stewart took some time out for herself. As a result, she lives in Norway. I enjoy reading
her posts every chance I get. You can tell how happy she is...exactly where she is. And she'll remain so wherever that leads her.

James Bush is my oldest son.  His girlfriend Thia Zimmerman keeps us updated with what he's doing. He is one of the best guitar players I've ever heard. And I've heard a lot of  guitar players. He didnt' get that way without taking some time out for himself.

My daughter Natalie Rebecca Jackson and her husband Tyler Jackson are both very busy. Not only with their jobs, but they also own Four Corners Photography. She posts great shots from her business page. What I like and remember the mosts are the ones of her family. Gabe, Jackson, etc. Every chance they get, that take time for themselves.

Arthur Bush has a sense of humor. But some of the stuff he says isn't very funny. Other stuff cracks everyone up. He doesn't post that much. Thank goodness we have Erica Morin to keep us up to date. They are taking some time for themselves in November by going to Portugal.

Steven Bush is always moving. He likes his fast car (Mustang). He loves going to car shows, concerts, and other community events. He and Arthur work together. He takes time for himself by combining his love of photography and posts pictures of the events he attends.

Mari Smith is probably the most successful Facebook Marketing expert around. But as I write this I just read a loving post with beautiful pictures of her visiting her loved ones in Scotland. I won't link to it because, she's taking time for herself.

Dennis Littley is a friend and fantastic Chef. We met on Google Plus. He is a travel blogger and chef. His schedule might seem hectic to some. He's up and down the coast visiting hotels and restaurants. But on every trip you'll always find a post where he's relaxing. Soaking in the current environment, and enjoying the moment. He's taking that time for himself.

Nina Trankova, Michele DeSocio, Ron Snayberger and Tony Mobley are part of the Circadians (Facebook) (GooglePlus). We're a small community. We take time out for each other. And we take time for ourselves. We're stronger together for it.

I could go on all day long with this. But I'd rather you and I both take some time out for ourselves. I'm very much wanting to get outside in the garden. I'll also spend time with headphones on the elliptical listening to a a video I created called "Positive Affirmations, My Morning Motivational Movie".  It's 25 minutes long and is full of positive messages to myself.  I listen to it as often as I can. I have helped a few people make their own. I had someone tell me one day that it was too long...too much stuff on it, and was a time drain. Regardless of that, I've never regret the time I spent making it, the time I've spent listening to it, or the time spent sharing it with others. All of it brings back great memories of relaxation, and accomplishment. What more could one want? Take time out for yourself. You'll never look back and say "I wish I hadn't done that."

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