Introducing "The S.T.A.N. Plan"

Mike And Jay Go Exploring - We Get Free Images

Where Can I Find Free Images

First of all, I'm jealous of Mike and Jay. They travel. They take pictures. They blog. And they just seem cool in everything I see about them. And I spent some time looking. This review is going to cover more than just their 'free site' at Jay Mantri Dot Com. They have a lot to see and love. Just relax and Go With The Flow

Who's Behind This Site

Mike is a film maker. That part I got. Especially when I visited the YouTube Channel.  The video he created for the trailer is well done. Actually, it's excellent. As are all of the videos that I watched. There are so many of them, I don't think you'll watch all of them either. But you'll have a good selection. Because that's their plan. After all, it's called Mike and Jay Explore for a reason. And the description says
I'm Mike, a filmmaker from LA, join my roommate Jay & I on our adventures around the world. Exploring new places, eating weird things and getting outside our comfort zone.
It looks like there are a lot of places they aren't comfortable. But you can't tell it by the quality of the pictures and videos. They look right at home.

OH Yeah. Jay Takes Pictures

I think I got that right. If I do, it explains why they travel together. They have similar interests and probably get inspiration from each others work.  And both of them apparently get inspiration from one of our favorite sites .... And it shows in the navigation, layout, and quality of the images.

What Kind Of Photos Can You Expect

That will be evident from the first page you go to. All of the photographs are just excellent. It may seem redundant, since Jay is a professional photographer, but here goes. They are professional grade photos. For me that means more than just lighting, subject matter and composition. It means they emote a feeling of participation by the viewer. There are several photos where you're going to want to go "Hey Mike. What are you doing in that mirror?" Yes. I know some people will say the photographer's reflection shouldn't be seen. But believe me, when you see him, it will make sense. It will give you a warm and fuzzy.

Are They Really Free?

Yes. Absolutely. 100%. Here's what the site says: free anything (CC0) make magic.

What's The Site Running On

Well, that's a little more complex. Part of it is on Tumblr, part of it is on MediaTemple  aka (Godaddy) <--their affiliate link.  And parts are on YouTube. Just for clarity though...Jay Mantri is on Tumblr. Their specific use of the program demonstrates how putting some files on a different server helps load speed though. Good choices and implementation all around.

Where Else Are They?

Lots of places. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to name a few. Here are their official links from their YouTube Channel
Social -

 Jay shoots a bunch of rad photos while we are out on adventures & they are all available for free:

I also found Jay's Twitter  and  Jay's Instagram.

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