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Burning Bridges Ain't Always A Bad Thing

Burning Bridges Ain't Always A Bad Thing

Terrific Torrid Trestle Tuesday (Burning Bridges) 

Well, today has been terrific. It's Tuesday. And I have blazed through it building and burning bridges as I go. I know that sounds a bit negative. Everybody loves building bridges. I like burning and building them though. I know not everyone agrees with me. Usually it's because burning bridges sounds so unagreeable. I think of it differently. I think of it more as being 'final'. Something I'm not going to return to. Or something that can't follow me. It's something I want behind me.

Here's An Example

Let's say you are driving on a deserted road late at nigh. Alone. Suddenly there's a van full of loud people that pull up behind you. They begin to pull up close behind you. They are yelling and waving bats, shooting firecrackers, etc. They look harmless enough. But there is also an air of danger surrounding them. They have a flat tire and have to pull off to fix it.
Just up the road there is a bridge. You cross the bridge and look back at them. You can see they are almost finished changing their tire.
Wouldn't you burn that bridge if you could? Just so they wouldn't be able to follow you?

Especially if you thought they just 'might' mean to do you harm? And notice I didn't say burn the bridge with them on it. Bridges can be rebuilt at a later time. People can't. That's the kind of bridge burning I did today. I did not harm, but I think I kept some from coming my way.

Peace, Love, and Understanding.
I'll cya'll down the road. 

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