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I Might Need To Add Stretching To My Walk/Run

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So I have that done for today. The beginning of the workout is always harder than the end.  I'm using the Walk/Run method. I'm doing it on a treadmill. (I don't want to risk twisting an ankle in the dark again...ever') If you don't know about run/walk, search 'The Galloway Method". As far as I know, he is the originator.  

Anyway, my current session is:

  • Warm up briskly, 5 minutes
  • Run for three
  • Walk for two
  • Rinse and repeat 6 times 
  • Cool Down (5 minutes)
For the record, the hardest part isn't getting to the gym. That's easy. The hardest part is the very first 'run' session. Even though I've warmed up, I'm simply not ready. My feet ache a little, my knees are wobbly, and my air is short. I really look forward to the first 'walk' session.  After that, the run sessions are much easier. Maybe I need to consider doing some stretching as well.  I'm pretty sure I can turn one of my 10 minute breaks into a stretching period. 

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