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Immigration: Let's Compare Apples And Oranges

Immigration - Drop the assholes back home

Every now and then I 'rethink' my position on immigrants. Something floats across the screen that makes me want to read it. That's what happened this week. And here's what my thoughts about it are.

First Of All...

I'm not a big proponent of building a wall. I've been around long enough to know where that leads. I remember crowds cheering as a certain wall fell in Germany. Seems like it was a good idea to go "Wall-less". Yet here we are in 2019 with the same people seeming to WANT one. I don't get it. 

What I Would Rather Do...

Is put all that money into people. Not bricks. And by that, I mean health care, education, and the arts. If you think I'm talking about buying guitars, books and food, then you're right. I'd rather listen to a healthy person playing guitar on a full stomach than listen to someone bitch about immigration. 

But That's Not Going To Happen...

Division between the 'camps' is too great. There isn't enough people looking for common ground. What they are looking for are comparisons to prove their point. 

Which Brings Us To The Point Of This Post

Someone I know and respect tweeted a link to this article: "How Immigrants Helped To Rejuvenate A Struggling Italian Town". Along with the comment "Nuff Said". Based on that, I decided to read the article. After all, this is from a someone I know. 

My Reader's Digest Summary

A quick summary:
  • In 2013 the town took in 15 immigrants. This kept them from being deported.  
  • By April 2019 that number had 'swelled' to 30. That's about 2.5 per year.
You can't compare this to the numbers coming into the US daily. If you don't understand that, then I can't help you. I'm simply not going to spend time explaining that an apple is different than an orange. It's a waste of time, energy, and frankly, insults my intelligence.

However...If You Want To Discuss Solutions...

that don't include mistreatment of human beings, I'm all in. And that includes the mistreatment of American citizens so they can appease an illegal immigrant.

In other words...use the money you're throwing at politicians, pro athletes, doctors, and lawyers to house, educate, provide healthcare and food to people that need it. 

Peace, Love and Understanding.
I'll See Ya'll Down The Road.

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