Introducing "The S.T.A.N. Plan"

Facing The Facts. I Ain't Never Going To Track My Food.


I'm never going to track my food
I gotta face it. I ain't never gonna track my food. At least not with any consistency. I'm going to slip, followed by an immediate fall, and the familiar "flinging thyself from thine own wagon". And that's that. 
I would give it about 90% of the reason I don't lose weight. I maintain just fine. But losing...nah. That ain't gonna happen. Not if I have to enter all my food into some application somewhere. 

Besides the time involved entering you have any idea how long I have to wait for my Instagram loving wife to take a picture of it? You ever tried holding a 'pretend a smile while you're food is getting cold' for two minutes. It's longer than you think. 


I was thinking about this yesterday and came up with the real answer. It just ain't me. Sure I can add 'some' stuff. But not all of it. And it's not that there's that much of if. I'm just sort of an adventurer. So when I visit an authentic Cajun restaurant, I gotta order the Creole Fried Frog legs. What's the chance of that being in the listed food? Zero. Trust me. It ain't there. 

So what is me? I'm a planner kind of guy. I like to know what the 'next step' is gonna be? Which means I need to take the advice of literally every weight loss program out there. Plan my menu. Prepare it in advance. It's like the bear dance. Two snips, a snort, a fly turn and a grunt. So simple that like the jitterbug it plum evaded me. (from Jimmy Buffet - God's Own Drunk) 

So that's what I'll be doing this weekend. Figuring out next week's menu, including any trips to restaurants. I'll use Spark's meal planner... I mean... you know... since it's right there in front of me. If it was a snake it woulda bit me. 

ps... pass me the remoulade please :-) 

Timer's up. 

All my workouts are great. All my food is healthy. And all my friends are awesome. 

Peace, Love and Understanding, I'll cya'll down the road. 

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