Introducing "The S.T.A.N. Plan"

It's Time For A Change

"Cause the times, they are a changin'" 

The times they are a changing...
I know. Quoting Dylan is sorta cliche. Especially these days when the changes are coming so quickly. However, I don't care. Besides this really is about "If your time to you is worth saving."  So without further ado... here's the relevance... 
I got up at 3:30AM. Just like I always do. I spent 15 minutes browsing some news stuff, as usual. Then I started my steel cut oats in the crock pot. Personally, that's my favorite way to cook them. (I do boil the water before I pour it in the pot. That way, they'll be done when we finish our walk.)

Then I leashed up the dog and we did our walk. We did pretty good. We reduced the time for the 2+ miles from 38 minutes to a smidgen over 36 minutes. I'm pretty happy with that.
My oatmeal is ready, so I add my frozen blueberries, a few mixed nuts, and a pinch of salt. I sit down in my 'dad' chair and start my Spark app.

I use the mobile app. I have both Android and Apple versions. There's a little checklist under the "SparkPoints" icon. So I go through that checklist. That should keep me up to date with friends, food, etc. The last step is my own personal checklist. It's very short. It does include writing this blog.

It also includes adding my time to the calendar.
And that's where the S.T.A.N. plan came in handy this morning.

Simple - add it to the calendar
Trackable - yep, that's what the calendar does
Attainable - hmm. I'm beginning to question that.
Necessary - and that's the kicker.

When I do that I see something that needs to change. I spend roughly 45 minutes on exercise. Which puts me ending that at 4:45AM. Here it is 7:15 and I'm not finished with the 'other' part of my 'Fitness Day". That equates to almost three times more time spent talking about fitness, rather than doing it.
In all fairness 30 minutes of that was playing guitar, which I do daily as well. But still...
I'm going to have to work on that. Dilligently.

Apparenlty my timer was broke on this one :-)

Peace, Love, and Understanding...I'll cy'all down the road.

ps...the image is of a friend of mine and his dog :-)

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