Introducing "The S.T.A.N. Plan"

Here Come The Real Streaming Content Marketers

Videos are only going to get more popular.

They say we're almost through it. I've even heard that by the end of 2015 most of them will be gone.   And they tell us better things are ahead. But I think they are wrong. Whether you consider it better or worse depends on what you do with it.  

Content For Content's Sake

You know what I'm talking about. The constant deluge of useless drivel from "Content Marketers". They use the same content over and over again. They 'brand' it as 'repurposed. In laymen's terms that stands for 'Jaws 2: Revenge' or ''.  Each piece of content uses the same words. But they are put in a different order. Instead of "How To Attract More Readers" or "Five Ways To A More Popular Blog", they title it "Reader's Love It When You Do This!" Over and over again. It's hard to cut through their noise. 

How Do They Write So Much Stuff?

Actually, most of them don't. They hire someone at, or some have a VA in the Philippines. It costs them about $5 to have it written for them. The real irony is that sometime they contradict their own message. Titles like "How To Be Authentic" and "Writing In Your Own Voice" are popular pieces of content. Too bad they aren't always written by the credited author.
Before we leave this concept. I want you think about it for a minute. You're following someone that tells you to be 'authentic', by telling you to hire someone to do your own work.
It don't make sense does it? 

Welcome To Easy Real Time Streaming Video

You know how easy it is to get online now? You can go anywhere and at anytime, and find a connection. Then it's just a matter of connecting. If you have a phone with WiFi, you don't even have to do that. You're connected as soon as you turn your phone on. 
So, I hate to break it to you bucko - but it's just that easy to go live now. Anybody with an Internet connection and a smart phone can go live. 
Yeah. That's right. 
That includes the adolescent that's in the other room right now. Chances are, they're already doing it. With applications that you don't even know about yet. 
But you will. 

So, What Do You Need To Do? 

Let's cut to the chase. You need to learn how to go live yourself. Not so that you can do it. But so that you will know how it's done. Once you understand that, you'll be able to figure out how to lower the deluge that's headed your way. And for sure, it's coming. 
You can put that in your pipe and smoke it. 

If you decide you need some help figuring out how to fly below the fray, then contact me using the form on this site. 
Good luck!