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Social Media Is Like A Toilet

Social Media Is Like A Toilet

Learn To Use It, But Don't Fall In

I know. That's probably not what you were expecting. You probably thought I would say everything online is in the toilet. Although I might feel like that sometimes, it's not really true. There are some very bright spots on Social Media. And plenty of fantastic people on each platform... BUT..... 

There's Also Plenty Of Really Awful Things Too

Twitter especially. There are too many fake, anonymous, and/or cloned accounts. Spend 10 minutes there and you'll see. Pretty much, you're sure to find this standard thread pattern:
  • FlowerGirl: "I think Hydrangeas are beautiful."
  • Soil_man: "They are. Did you know there color can be controlled by fertilizer."
  • FlowerGirl: "I knew that. It has something to do with nitrogen doesn't it?"
  • Soil_man:  "Sorta...but it has to do with the PH Level."
  • TheBlackPatriot: "Blue Lives Matter. White Hydrangeas hate blue ones. They should be dug up and destroyed."
Out of nowhere, the conversation goes off the rails. And by whom? No way to find out. Twitter sucks  very badly.  There's really no control over fake accounts. What should you do when this happens? Well, here's what I do... Take a look at the users profile...
  • Do they have very few followers?
    • This isn't always a good measure, as some real people don't care about followers.
  • Do all of their posts have the same combative tone?
    • Take a look at their stream. Is it full of arguments? Just block 'em. 
  • Do they have a username like "@LordSplatAlot" or some other nonsense? 
    • Most of the time fake accounts have some sort of username that they think is cute. Normally it's just offensive. Just block 'em. 

But It's Not Just Twitter

It's literally every social media platform. There is very little real effort in verification. If anything, fake accounts are encouraged. Why? Because the platforms can brag about how many users they have. And they use those numbers to sell more advertising. At a higher price. So for them... fake accounts are like passive income. They don't do anything for it, but the money rolls in. 

For Example:
Someone spoofed my mother in law. I reported it to Facebook. And what was their response?
"This doesn't go against our community guidelines."
I bet if it was THEM or THEIR family members it would be against the guidelines. 

If there were a way to find out who gave that response, it would be an easy fix. Show up at their house with a baseball bat. 

What Can You Do About It?

Other than getting off the platform...nothing. You could start your own network. Or you can look for a specialized network. One that caters to your interests. There are plenty of them out there. Just click this link and pick one of the directories. Social Media Site Directory Search 

Or You Can Ignore The Bad Eggs

I can't tell you that will solve the social issue. But I can tell you that you'll be happier. You won't spend time trying to change the mind of Captain Anonymous. And that in itself is a win. Because if you ever engage, you'l regret it. Those people are just there to disrupt. They are Pro everything and Anti everything. They'll take whatever position they need to be argumentative. It's just not worth it. 

And even when they are real people, it doesn't work. The anonymity of the internet gives them courage. You'll never convince them that abortion is wrong, gender confusion is a myth and excuse, and black lives have always mattered.  If you want to talk about DNA, then yes... I understand  your position. But otherwise, science says you're wrong. 
And btw, I won't argue this in a thread. I'll be glad to go live and discuss it. But I'm not even going to reply to anonymous Joe, who just wants to agrue. 

So... Don't Fall In

Find your circle. Engage with them. And most all... don't confuse Social Media for the real world. In the real world, you can speak directly to the aggressors. Online, they are just anonymous chicken shits trying to trigger you. 
And for the record, if there are any comments... most likely they will prove my position. 

Peace, Love, and Understanding... 
I'll see ya'll down the road. 

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