How To Create A Blogger Menu From A Label

If you've used Google Blogger for a while, you've already experienced HMS.  Because I made up the term HMS for this article, it's possible you may not know what it is. HMS is the three letter acronym for what I call 'Hollywood Menu Syndrome". That's when you try to make a menu in Blogger, can't figure it you 'act like' it don't matter to you.
Take my advice and don't give up your day job. You aren't going to win any oscars for this role. The truth is,  menus do matter. And Blogger's ability to create them are not very intuitive. Notice that I didn't say 'awful'.  That's because once you figure some basic stuff out, you can make a pretty attractive site using Blogger. My mission is to help you do that...using Google Apps and tools.

Yes Virginia, There Really Is A Stana Claus

Yeah. I make up a lot of stuff. Most of the time it's on the spot. Like the one above. I know it sounds corny, but I don't care. I love fun. Sometimes it's caused by me wanting to stretch things out. Sometimes it's caused by the medication for the recently healed fractured ankle that I unwisely decided to test out on a 6 mile run this morning. You make the call!  Anyway...the truth is, the little trick I'm going to show you here is very very easy.  So easy in fact, even I can do it.

Here Are The Steps To Create A Menu From A Blogger Label

  1. From The Blogger Management Page Select "Pages"
  2. On the Pages Menu select "Web Address"
  3. Put the Title of your page in the top field
  4. Use this formula to create the link! name
    Replace "' with the url to your website. In the example, I'm probably going to use, but I could just as easily use since that's the 'blogspot' url.
  5. Save the page, arrangement, work...and BOOM... you'll have a menu item for that. 

It Doesn't Have To Be A Menu

You can use this anywhere. It doesn't have to be a menu. For example this link "Blogger Tips" is a link to all the Articles with the label "Blogger" on this site. I added that to the video as well, so you can see how that's done. Although it's not hard, you might have some problems with getting it to work for you. If you do, just use the annoying "Contact" thingie on the bottom right of this site to send me a message. 

This tutorial was special ordered by +Holly Makowski  who I met in +Mark Seydel 's Blogger Circle Community.  I can't remember all those numbers and stuff, so I used Google Short Link Technology in Google Apps to create this handy little .  But that's another tutorial :-)

Thank you. I hope you'll drop me a little comment down below, and maybe request a tutorial too! 


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