How To Find, Browse, Edit & Create Google Templates

If you're struggling with Google Doc Templates, then this might help.  It's an eight minute tutorial that gets right to the point.  Not a lot of fluff and fuss.  Spend eight minutes, and you'll be able to do exactly what the title says. Find, Browse, Edit, Use, and Create Google Doc Templates. If you need more help, don't hesitate to contact me here. 

Google Removes Authorship Images In SERP

Is Google Authorship a waste of time?

What Happened To Your Authorship Image?

If you're like most people, your wondering what happened to authorship. Why did Google remove the profile images? Is it a permanent change or will they add them back? Will this adversely affect your site in search results? What good is authorship without the image? Why did Google push authorship so hard if they weren't going to keep it? Did you waste a bunch of time working on something that's now defunct? 

Cool Your Jets

Don't jump to conclusions.  Do some reading. I've put together some links to articles about what's going on. I hope you find them helpful.

What Are The Active Users Per Social Media Network (InfoGraphic)

+Mike Allton of +The Social Media Hat has put together some FACTUAL numbers concerning Social Network Activity.  You can read the article here!

Social Media Active Users

How To Center Blogger Elements

Centering Blogger Elements

Blogger isn't that hard to use. 

But there are times I want to give up on it.  Like when a simple tasks turns into an all day adventure.  Titles don't line up and images are squashed. Page breaks are shoot and miss. And don't get me started on the SEO issues. IMHO it's harder than it has to be. I think this because I've developed in other platforms. WordPress, Drupal, Stripe, and even Joomla are easier to use.  But when it comes to management, Blogger beats them hands down.  And if you want to just login and post, Blogger does that. You just can't do the usual point and click stuff.   So let's simplify a few of them on a sitewide level.