How To Diagnose and Recover From SoonAs Eye

Diagnosing and Recovering From Soon As Eye


verb: make up an excuse not to do something; put off something in a way that it will never happen; lies we tell ourselves
          verb: SoonAs Eye3rd person projection: SoonAs Y'all; group tense inclusive: SoonAs We; group tense exclusive: SoonAs DemGuys; past participle: Sooner RLater 
          synonyms: procrastinate,delay, put off, postpone, defer action, use delaying tactics, stall, temporize, drag your feet/heels, play for time, play a mind game
          "SoonAs Eye get some money", "SoonAs Ya'll get ready", "SoonAs We agree on it", "SoonAs DemGuys get their stuff done" ,"Sooner RLater we'll get a round 'tuit."

Stopping Hangout Invites From People You Don't Know

How To Stop Hangout Request From People You Don't Know

Disruptive Technology At It's Worst

You know the deal  You're in a groove. All the pieces are there, and things are falling in place. You used 25 Pomodoro minutes to plan the project. Then you took a five minute break to catch up on your circles. Time blocking is working as it should. Online everybody says hello, and there's been no evident shift in the world's rotation. All you have to is implement your plan. It's a sure thing. You thought you heard someone yell "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner".  Your phone vibrates, or you notification bell rings. Either way, you look up, and it's someone requesting a hangout.

Don't Go Towards The Light Jim!!

Instead of averting your eyes elsewhere, you stare at it. Just like the train wreck it is. And you pick up.  Even though you don't even know who it is.

Functionality Not Enabled Message - SOLVED!

Team Email As A Strategy

Ubiquitous connectivity has created many opportunities. Especially when it involves collaboration. Teams are constantly being created to discover, develop, and deploy global solutions. Team members need to communicate internally and with external sources. Email is an integral part of most communication plans. Receiving email from can affect the way the whole team is viewed. Email addresses with the same domain name can help establish credibility. Addresses are easy to create and very inexpensive. Most email administrators can create an address in less than a minute. So what’s the best way to handle this new address, if you are the user?

Potato Chip Sandwich

This site is all about cooking like a man. Men cook in crock pots, George Foreman grills, Fry Daddy's,  counter rotisseries, smokers, grills, Coleman grills and firewood if nothing else is available. We can cook. And we don't need much of a recipe to do it. We follow one simple rule.  If it don't taste good...add something.  Could be salt... could be sugar. As far as I know it may need some vinegar.
We can't tell you what that something is until I taste it. We're men dammit. We don't need no stinkin instructions.

Surfin' With Stan

In the 1990's I wrote newspaper column called "Surfin With Stan".  I used an application called "Arrow"  to create an online mailing list. The column took questions sent to the list and answered them in the paper. Although not widely circulated within the extremely intelligent Newspaper Publishing Industry, it did have a good following in the not so bright commoners.  I had a couple of thousand subscribers in 1996. I shut it down when I began getting over a 100 requests for help per day.  The last week of the column I received over 1000 emails requesting help.