Sharing Is Caring Isn't Always The Case

All Shares Are NOT Created Equal 

"Sharing Is Caring". I've watched this nonsensical idea proliferate between 10 an 20 years. There are some things about it that are spot on. And there are some things about it that trouble me. Since we are on a five minute timer, I'll get straight to them.

Sharing Your Best Stuff

I've never seen a guru share every thing they do. Ever. They are always reminding you that they 'give away their best stuff." But, isn't their best stuff the books, CD's, or other products their selling? The book guru wants you to share their stuff so they can sell more books. The Training guru wants you to share their stuff so they can sell more training. The car guy wants you to share his post so he can sell more cars. Don't misunderstand me. I don't think there's anything wrong with sharing. But buying their products and giving them yours isn't an equitable exchange. In my view, it is a one way exploitation of your willingness to help.

StanOlogy - Inaugural Post

This Is Both Difficult and Comforting

It's not very often that I do something like this. In order to do this, I'm going to have to step out of my comfort zone. I know, I know.... some of  you don't think I have a comfort zone. But I do really. Internally, we are all alike. We feel the same things about our selves.  Well, until we come to realize that we can change that. Especially when it comes to fear. What is there really to be afraid about? What's the worst that can happen. Someone not like my video? Or maybe they get offended (most likely). What's that really going to do to me though? Nothing...nothing at all. That's it's not already doing. In other words, I can feel bad about myself, all by myself. Or I can take a big chance an see where things land.

How A Meat Thermometer Increased My Focus

Smoking chicken and grilling chicken are two different things. Grilling requires close proximity to hot coals. The cook eyeballs the chicken to determine if it's done or not.  Smoking has lower heat and longer cooking times. You can't really eyeball a smoked chicken for doneness. Looking at the chicken won't tell you anything. The skin may be crisp, but the breast meat isn't cooked. It takes time to smoke the meat to the right temperature. If you don't smoke it long enough the meat will be raw. Raw chicken can carry Salmonella. I can promise you that you don't want to have, or give your guest  salmonella poisoning. So the only sure way to avoid it is to use a meat thermometer. That's why I have one.  I was smoking chickens and needed it. Fortunately, I knew exactly where it was.

How To Diagnose and Recover From SoonAs Eye

Diagnosing and Recovering From Soon As Eye


verb: make up an excuse not to do something; put off something in a way that it will never happen; lies we tell ourselves
          verb: SoonAs Eye3rd person projection: SoonAs Y'all; group tense inclusive: SoonAs We; group tense exclusive: SoonAs DemGuys; past participle: Sooner RLater 
          synonyms: procrastinate,delay, put off, postpone, defer action, use delaying tactics, stall, temporize, drag your feet/heels, play for time, play a mind game
          "SoonAs Eye get some money", "SoonAs Ya'll get ready", "SoonAs We agree on it", "SoonAs DemGuys get their stuff done" ,"Sooner RLater we'll get a round 'tuit."

Stopping Hangout Invites From People You Don't Know

How To Stop Hangout Request From People You Don't Know

Disruptive Technology At It's Worst

You know the deal  You're in a groove. All the pieces are there, and things are falling in place. You used 25 Pomodoro minutes to plan the project. Then you took a five minute break to catch up on your circles. Time blocking is working as it should. Online everybody says hello, and there's been no evident shift in the world's rotation. All you have to is implement your plan. It's a sure thing. You thought you heard someone yell "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner".  Your phone vibrates, or you notification bell rings. Either way, you look up, and it's someone requesting a hangout.

Don't Go Towards The Light Jim!!

Instead of averting your eyes elsewhere, you stare at it. Just like the train wreck it is. And you pick up.  Even though you don't even know who it is.